Jen 1959
on 6/4/14 12:44 pm - NH

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

My question is about sustained release medications, is it okay to take them?

I know we shouldn`t take extended release, I have been on immediate release Wellbutrin 3 times a day,

My Dr. asked if I would like to go to 2 times a day with the sustained release.     Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.   I just found the Off Topic Forum, How is it working out?    I know the other forums did have alot of Off Topic questions, I was guilty of that quite often .....Do you find that others are visiitng this forum often?

Thanks in Advance.


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Sparklekitty, Science-Loving Derby Hag
on 6/5/14 2:15 am
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1. Look at the dates on the list of topics for the OT forum. That should give you an idea of how often people visit.

2. Questions about whether or not it's OK to take particular medications are generally best left to doctors or pharmacists, not random strangers on the Internet. :)

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on 6/8/14 11:41 am

I am curious, what is the dif between sustained release and extended release?

  All posts that I make on this site, any forum, are a result in my having experience and caring for anyone having to go through life as an obese person. If you have medical issues, please see your doctor for medical advice.



Kate -True Brit
on 6/9/14 10:34 pm - UK

Whatever you are told on here, it is the advice of the doctor and pharmacist you should be asking.

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on 11/29/20 11:59 am, edited 11/30/20 1:45 am

Hi! I hope you are doing fine. Did you take Wellbutrin for depression? My doctor prescribed it to me, and I took it for some time. Then I decided that IU didn't want to be on pills all the time, so I joined the enhance club and started taking health supplements and doing yoga. Also, I found a new hobby that helps me to relax and be in good mood.

on 1/10/22 6:30 pm, edited 1/10/22 10:09 pm

I tried Wellbutrin for my depression, but it made my anxiety more severe. I checked the description on the online pharmacy site and found out it was a side effect. That was the reason why I stopped taking it. Now I'm on Abilify. It works well for me and no issues at all.

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