What a cow.....On/off topic about image and breaking up...

Lorie S.
on 3/31/11 1:04 pm, edited 3/31/11 1:06 pm
Ok.. Not sure where to begin with this crap but... I knew going in that my fiance was/is very insecure, possesive, low self esteem etc.. in other words the man who wants to control you. Bottom line I love him but I can NOT accept the crap he is trying to dish out. Tonight at Office Max, I made a comment to a man that was looking for white out that if you look for white out... you admit your going to make a mistake.... Mind you my fiance was standing next to me while I said this. Next thing I know I disrespected him.. he is not talking to me and I am a...insert explitive here....*arching eyebrow* talking to a strange man... *ooooh. my words not his*

So... tonight I am waiting for him to fall asleep so I can move my things out....It didnt help that when we got home from the store the coat rak fell over and he was concerned about his pool stick being left at the pool hall the night before.. He literally shoved me aside to see if it was in the closet.. No the pool stick was safe in the closet,,,,*sigh* Ok.. I get it.. I am less worthy then a pool stick.. *smirks ya right* Sooo...

I am waiting for him to fall asleep so I can "clean house" I will take what is mine and be gone by dawn.. My kids dad is helping me.. in the mean time.. I am waiting for him to fall asleep.. Wish me well please.. Ending a relationship is never easy.
Oh forgot to say.. what a cow.. he was looking at a woman who was smaller then me at my largest and said.. what a cow... WTF??? And yes he knew me then and he is NOT a lightweight either. hmmm

Karen M.
on 3/31/11 1:16 pm - Mississauga, Canada
Lorie, you and I have been friends for a long time.


I don't have words for you my friend. You don't seem to value yourself and keep getting into relationships that aren't good for you as a person. Take some time and get to know YOU and value YOU.




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Lorie S.
on 3/31/11 1:36 pm
Karen.. thank you for your reply.. Yes.. I know I have made some bad choices but this man I knew 23 yrs....Yikes.. I have been through the insanity of dating through wls and have found good and bad... because I knew this man at both stages.. Well.. I guess I let my guard down?.. I loved him and respected him as parent to parent.. our kids are both the same in ages.. and we were neighbors for years... This turn of events is strange and unacceptable for me as I knew him.. or so I thought??? Thankfully my kids dad , who I am still very close to is 2 doors down and I just got off the phone with.. he has agreed to help me move tonight.. I love ya Karen.. dont worry too much.. I have a lot of good on my side.. *hugs*
on 3/31/11 1:45 pm - Vaughan, Canada
 WHAT A *******! You are a very beautiful women. And from my life expireance we get even better when we are not in a relationship. Do not let anybody control you. If you can afford it financially do it. And make sure you the ring. LOL 
Lorie S.
on 3/31/11 1:53 pm, edited 3/31/11 2:00 pm
AllaP.. Thank you for understanding... The ring is still firmly on my finger... but the wedding band is burried yup that fast um.. somewhere. lol He aint getting it back. Thank You for your compliment.. I am not a weak woman.. have been through some weird experiences dating post wls.. ie the panni pincher and what not.. but damn.. if this man is disrespected when 10 min before in the store I told him he was my world... um er.. ah.. well.. f**k off.. and I mean that in the kindest of ways...er or not.. . I can only say wow.. am happy I know know..

P.S. Karen.. yup... knew some odd ones through dating.. this one... I thought was pretty on top of it and real considering our background of 23 yrs.. WOW!

Just so you all know... I am signing off now but will have internet in a couple of days if not able 2 get online .. I will update..

TheShrinking Woman
on 3/31/11 7:26 pm - Welland, Canada
{{{{{Lorie}}}}} Ditto what Karen said.  I adore you woman, and you deserve much better than this.  Don't let any man make you feel less worthy than his stupid pool stick.  {********orry but he is}

Love ya woman

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on 3/31/11 9:02 pm - Canada
Lorie:  I'm very sad for you, and am at work and rushed, my computer is down at home for a day or two...but hope to hear you're okay soon.
I helped a dear gf move out in the night one time....necessary but still heart-breaking....all the best 

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Megan M.
on 3/31/11 9:43 pm - Canada
It's morning now,and I hope you're gone from there.  I'd be very concerned that he shoved you - what comes next?  A push?  A slap?  A punch?  This is not a good situation for you or anyone else to be in.  Stay strong and get rid of him before he really hurts you.
(deactivated member)
on 3/31/11 11:52 pm - Canada
We haven't chatted in ages but I am thinking about you and hoping that you are safe.
on 4/1/11 12:14 am - Hamilton, Canada
Lorie, take it from someone who also had to move out unexpectedly ... its not that unexpected.  It was most likely a long time coming, and it took this one incident for you to realize it.  My situation was a bit different (we had been married for 4 years, and he was emotionally abusive, not physically, among other issues), but the outcome was the same.  I gathered my family and friends and moved out one Saturday while he was at work.  Hardest, yet best, thing I've ever done for myself ****il WLS).  That was 1994.

My best advise would be to be alone for awhile.  We are not defined by our relationships unless we let ourselves be defined that way.  I also dated a few 'winners' but now have the best, most supportive husband I could have asked for.

Put yourself first, Lorie, and stay that way until you can see clearly.



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