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Erin C.
on 7/11/11 5:06 pm - Chesley, Canada
It sure has been a while since i have logged on this site, over a year and a half I think.  I am beginning to think that was a mistake.  I had a DS in October 2008 and it was successful.  I lost 200lbs.  Problem is that in the last 6 months or so I have regained about 25-30lbs.  I suffer from depression and have been in quite a slump. This has caused me to return to bad eating habits.  I am now scared that I am going to end up back where I began.  I think the reason for this post is to search out some support and also to see if anyone has the post-op diet for a DS.  I was thinking maybe starting over from the beginning might be a good way to get back on track again.  Any other helpful ideas would be great.  I am eager to get back on track but at the same time not feeling very optimistic.
Thanks for reading
Bonnie ABC
on 7/11/11 7:30 pm - Smiths Falls, Canada
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Hello Erin, nice to see your face again.  Angus had just posted on the DS forum that he's had a bit of a regain as well.  He had some good advice.  I think it was in the last day if you want to surf that forum.


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on 7/11/11 10:23 pm - Sumerstown, Canada
Can't realy give you advice on diets I'm still pre-op and have lot's to lurn myself!  Insperation and suport I can do.  It's never to late to come back home (OH web site) and when in doubt go back to the basics.  Baby steps!  You are strong and you can do this!

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on 7/11/11 10:34 pm - Canada
Hi Erin, nice to meet you :)  Congrats on the 200lb loss!  Phenomenal!

I dont have much to offer in terms of diet advice as Im still pre-op but I wanted to say that I really think anyone can turn things around.  You recognize the behaviour that's causing the re-gain and that's a HUGE first step! 

Best of luck :)
Karen M.
on 7/11/11 10:43 pm, edited 7/11/11 10:43 pm - Mississauga, Canada
Erin, it's great to see you posting again!  A HUGE congrats to on your incredible weight loss.

As you know, it's common to have some "bounce-back" after a few years.  Having said that, you've stated that you're slipping back into old habits, which I'm sure isn't helping.  It is NEVER too late to get started again - I'm so glad you're reaching out for support!

One word of advice would be to get your depression under control - if you're on meds (I'm assuming), get back with your doctor to discuss a change or increase.  It could be that you're malabsorbing some of it and you may need a change.

As far as eating advice - I HIGHLY recommend you visit the DS forum here.  The advice and support and guidance they provide to each other is second to none and I never cease to be extremely impressed with that forum.  There is a poster there, "majormom" who starts an eating thread each day and is fabulous about offering other board members advice.

My very best wishes to you - and again, I'm glad to see you back.  We're all here for you.




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Erin C.
on 7/12/11 12:42 am - Chesley, Canada
thank you all..off to the DS forum I go...lol
Diminishing Dawn
on 7/12/11 1:44 am - Windsor, Canada
Welcome to real life Erin! LOL!!  That's what it is like multiple years after WLS -- it's a rollercoaster to say the least with the weight loss. We learn that WLS has not solved all our problems and our bad habits (mindless eating, emotional eating, stress eating) comes back. 

It's a B$#%# isn't it? I hear you loud and clear.

You made a smart move though hun!  That's TRULY when you need  your support people the most - whether in person or online.  That's when you have to come back, refocus on this WLS thing and get back to basics. You are doing the right thing and now that you are here again, make a point to come and post in the daily threads (What are you eating/doing threads) to be accountable again.

Welcome back!! :) Stick around a while!


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Erin C.
on 7/12/11 6:46 am - Chesley, Canada
thanks Dawn.   I understand the rollercoaster part of it and i expected it.  Now that it is here though I hate it..lol.
Thanks for your words of encouragement.
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