Break-up with food !

Becky D.
on 8/4/11 1:22 am - North Bay, Canada

I was unprepared for the gush of feelings I went through the day before Optifast !  

I was grieving the break up with comfort food big time ! 
I am still a little shocked and embarrassed by how emotional I was lol  It was like the feeling of getting ready to go to the funeral of my best friend and comfort - thought this time, I had an underlying feeling of wanting to push ahead and go through it ...

So bizarre to me that I didnt expect it - I know myself pretty well, and still it surprised me ! 
Such is life.  Always full of surprises
I goooshed and boo-hoo'd about it and then, eventually and with great relief I walked away ... so long abusive, back stabbing, jerk of a comfort - AND don't come back !!!   lol  

In  honour of my "angels" wise words  - I hereby and officially FLIP you the BIRD comfort food! 
  Damn that feels good !


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Linda G.
on 8/4/11 1:49 am - Burlington, Canada
Hi Becky!  Love your post!  Have not heard it put that way before but what an awesome way to let go and move forward.  Good luck over the next few weeks  with the Optifast.  Once you get through the first few days it gets easier.  Congratulations!

on 8/4/11 1:59 am - Ontario, Canada
VSG on 02/29/12
I loved your post Becky!  I think I'll be the same when it comes the time.  No doubt, it is hard to give up a companion we've had so long, and that has comforted us for years.  However, as we know all too well, it's a toxic relationship, and we are paying the price both health-wise, and life wise - not being able to easily do what we want to do.  You are so right - "comfort food" is ab abusive, back stabbing jerk!!!!!

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on 8/4/11 2:02 am
Great attitude Becky! You'll do great! I also had dr. Starr and am pleased so far with everything. I wish you the best of luck and that you don't find Optifast too bad (I actually really enjoyed the chocolate ones).


Katie  ♥     
on 8/4/11 2:45 am
ahahahahahahahah, is Karen your angel, she said "flip the bird" on someone's post yesterday, made me giggle!

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on 8/4/11 2:51 am - Canada
I grieved a bit as well, but mostly it was for carbonated drinks!! Go figure. Since we aren't allowed alcohol, diet coke and other drinks would have been a nice substitute. The good thing is that I'm getting in a lot of water!!

I was one to always have to have "the last one", be it pizza, junk food, sweets, etc. So I know where you're coming from. But I've also considered the role of addiction - alcoholics and smokers can avoid their addictive substances completely, whereas food addicts must face theirs numerous times daily!! We must eat to survive!

I like your approach to comfort food - abusive, back-stabbing. I need to think of those foods in that light. Not all food is our enemy, so I'll just kick those comfort foods (those nasty beasts!) right out the door!

Bring it on!!
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Derek C.
on 8/4/11 2:58 am - North Bay , Canada
Hey Becky - Wow North Bay comfort food distributors are suffering since we are both on Opti at the same time - i so happy you walked away - thats super awesome - hope your doing well in your opti time - Keep smiling








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