Gastroscopy update and thanks for all the help and info!!

Pam B.
on 8/15/11 9:38 am
Everything went well today!!  Thank you so much to everyone *****sponded to my earlier post.  Thinking of the encouraging words helped me through it and were all right it really wasn't  that bad.
I would also like to thank everyone for being open and honest.  I love that I found this forum.  Without it I don't know if I would have made the decision that I have.  When I first got on here I was still a fence sitter with the surgery.  But now after reading posts by all those who have had the surgery I now I know that I am for sure going through with this life change.  I look forward to getting to know everyone and knowing that we are all on the same side it makes it easier to ask questions and get answers!
So again, thanks so much!
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on 8/15/11 10:04 am
Glad to hear that all went well!


on 8/15/11 2:43 pm - Ontario, Canada
VSG on 02/29/12
Great news.  I'm glad it wasn't what you had feared.

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