I'm HOME, and THanks for the encouraging messages !

Becky D.
on 8/30/11 10:42 am - North Bay, Canada

I got home from HRRH on Sunday, and am settling into the routine here ... so nice to be back from the hospital and hotel !

I am pretty tired, fatigue easily ... but otherwise JUST fine ! 
Everything seems to have gone just "perfectly" ... and for that I am very thankful.

I appreciated all the msgs I got when my Angel posted that surgery had gone well ... it was so nice to see that other people were pulling for me as I came around in the hospital.

Friday I move into Phase 3 of the eating plan ... and frankly soda crackers are sounding like 'turkey dinner' at this point lol   I am looking forward to a little more variety is all I mean ... change is good ;)

I can't tell you how many times I thought about the info or the people I have gotten to feel familiar with on this site in the last week and a half - this has made the entire journey more positive and I say MANY thank you's to everyone sharing and supporting on this site -

... just so thankful for it all ...

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Monica M.
on 8/30/11 11:27 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
good to see that you're home, Becky!! looking forward to hearing about your 'turkey dinner' lol

on 8/30/11 12:03 pm - Canada
VSG on 01/25/12
Congrats on your surgery!  It's great to know you are doing so fantastic!!

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on 8/30/11 12:38 pm
 Welcome home and welcome to the bench, Becky!  Looking forward to hearing all your wows!

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on 8/30/11 1:04 pm - Athens, Canada
Really glad to hear that you are doing so well. I wish you much success on your journey.
Derek C.
on 8/30/11 9:32 pm - North Bay , Canada
 welcome home becky....cya on the walking trails








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on 8/30/11 11:12 pm
awwww, very cool that you are feeling so great after such a short tim after surgery.

I envy you, you'll be able to take walks along the shore of Ni******g, I am from a little town on the Quebec side next to North Bay so grew up in North Bay and love/miss it.

I hope Phase 3 goes smoothly and I'll meet you on the bench in 2 weeks...lol

and I agree with you, this site is amazing at boosting our morale!

Have a good Wednesday!

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