Count down to Goal

on 9/17/11 11:11 pm
As you regulars know I am doing my own bariatic version of the south beach diet. Its been 14 days and I have lost 5.2 pounds, It is getting really close now.....I am very excited to see my goal so close......


Monica M.
on 9/18/11 12:07 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
i'm so pumped for you!! i can't wait to be making posts of this of my own.
on 9/18/11 12:37 am
you will be look how amazing your doing!


Monica M.
on 9/18/11 12:54 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
thanks Kelly!!! 2/3 of the way there!!
Megan M.
on 9/18/11 12:11 am - Canada
You can do it, you can do it!!  Heading for GOAL!

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on 9/18/11 12:27 am - Cambridge, Canada
Wow thats great!


Dr. Reed
VSG May 24/2011

on 9/18/11 12:37 am
Thanks everyone!!!


on 9/18/11 12:42 am - Athens, Canada
Way to go Kelli!
on 9/18/11 1:35 am - Canada
VSG on 01/25/12
Congrats!!!  You're doing amazing : )

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on 9/18/11 2:47 am - Ontario, Canada
VSG on 02/29/12
Kelli-you should be so proud of your accomplishment so far, and how you are working hard, and wisely, to get to goal.  You go girl!

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