Nurse & SW assessments???

on 9/18/11 8:21 am
Hey everyone,

So I have my first NP assesment this tuesday and my SW next week and I have no idea what to expect. What happens during these appt's, what info do they request/require, is there anything I should be aware of, and lastly what should I expect to happen during these appts??

Teasha H.
on 9/18/11 8:29 am - north of Barrie, Canada
LOL oh my gosh you sound like me!!!

I have actually just gone through those two things and to be honest it was fine.  They basically want to make sure you know what you are getting into.  They asked me what happens in the procedure.  They asked why you have to take the vitamins, what have you done to try to lose prior to this, what changes have you made to improve your life after surgery and what do you think your biggest challenge will be after surgery.

If you want anymore info or you want to call me and we can chat feel to in box me and we can.  I know that I have had the desire the entire process to chat in person or over the phone and maybe your the same. 
Loved chatting, thanks.
on 9/18/11 8:59 am - Canada
VSG on 01/25/12
I am also going through the process at TWH.

At the nurse practitionner appointment you will basically do an really in depth medical history with her asking questions about a lot of your current and past medical life.  In addition she will ask you about illnesses that other family members might have experienced such as heart disease and diabetes.  You will complete a questionnaire that will assess your risk for sleep apnea and that combined with your neck measurement (which they will take) will tell them if you need to be referred for a sleep study or not.  The NP will take your blood pressure, listen to your heart and lungs, and feel your stomach - you will also have your height and weight taken.  At this appointment the NP will tell you about any further testing you will need if you need to have it.  

The social work assessment is an opportunity for them to assess your expectations of the surgery so that they can make sure you dont' have unrealistic expectations - so they wil ask you how much weight you think you will lose for example.  In addition they ask you some questions about your mental health history and ask if you are worried about developing any further addictions to replace the food struggles.  They ask questions about your support people and if you feel there is anyone in your life that would pose as an obstacle to you post operatively. 

I found both appointments to be rather simple and straight forward and they were both over in about 45 minutes. 

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