psych appt

on 10/23/11 10:52 am
Hey everyone,

I'm so excited I'm almost there , can't wait for this new life!!!...I have my psych appt coming up on Oct 31st and I was wondering what to expect from this appointment...also wondering if any concerns or issues arose from previous appt's would they have let it be known???
on 10/23/11 10:55 am - Lindsay, Canada
Hey Kathy,

I am at TWH for a psych appt on the 31st as well. I am with the nutritionist that day as well.
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Brenda T.
on 10/23/11 10:55 am - Oshawa, Canada
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ooo you are getting close, so excited for you.

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Leslie W.
on 10/23/11 11:16 am - Cobourg, Canada
Dont worry about the psych appointment. Depending on your history ie past depression they will ask about it, what support/treatment etc... How are yoou now. I found it a relaxed appointment. At the end he told me his thoughts that I was good to go. If they feel you have issues that need addresing they will help you. they want to to succeed.

Psych is the last appointment, They will them send your file to Rounds on the Thursday then you will get your appointment with the surgeon, Wont be long know.
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on 10/23/11 3:37 pm
Hey Cathie, thats exciting I remember you from the nutrition class..yay we're almost there ...Brenda thanks for commenting and for the encouragemnet people like you are the reason I love this site....ICW thanks for the feedback, I guess I have nothing to worry about then because so far its been all positive feedback, which of course is good news
on 10/23/11 4:22 pm - Columbus, OH
My only real issue with it was that the doctor doing it wanted to talk to my current psychiatrist who I totally don't get along with and basically don't communicate with so I was obviously nervous about that. I basically just rely on him to write prescriptions. Obviously all was well though because I got approved!

Don't worry too much!
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