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on 10/31/11 1:04 am
So I had my psych appt this morning, which is my last one...yay!! I was told that my file will be reviewed on thursday and that it would be 2-3 weeks for the call to meet the surgeon. Does it really take 2-3 weeks or do they sometimes call sooner?? Also, I suggested a date in December that I would prefer to have surgery on and was told that surgery's are usually slow around this time because apparently a lot of people don't want to have surgery around the holidays (which obviously is a good thing for me!). Does anyone have an idea about the likelyhood of having surgery in December given that I have completed all that is required?
Monica M.
on 10/31/11 1:20 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
its anyone's guess, when the surgery will actually happen. Hopefully you get the date you want. But, yeah, who knows.

Good for you for having made it through the process. Time will go so quickly, once you have your surgery date!
on 10/31/11 3:24 am - Canada
 Hi, after I got the call for surgeon the appointment was for 3 weeks to telehealth with him.  Then it was about 2 to 3 weeks later that I got a surgery date. You have to have 2 or 3 weeks of optifast first, as soon as optifast is done you have your surgery.  This will give you a time line. Joyce
on 10/31/11 5:04 am
I would say it is not impossible, but will just depend on how quickly everything moves for you and how available you schedule is. When I got the call from TWH, I happened to be off work the next day for my husband's hernia surgery, so I could come in for a cancellation they had that morning. If I hadn't been able to take that appointment, the next one was in about 3 weeks time, which I gather is normal at TWH. Now, depending on which surgeon you are assigned to, their available dates will be different. The St. Mike's surgeon have NO availability until the new year, so if you get one of them, it just won't happen before Christmas unless you get lucky with a cencellation which is unlikely. If you get one of the TWH surgeons, they are usually booking a surgery date with you at the consult that is sometime around 4-6 weeks or so from your consult date. Now, there may be fewer dates available though in late December due to vacations and holidays and demand, so it is still hard to say.

Here's what I would tell you to do though to get the best chance for surgery in late December. When they call you to book your for your surgeon consult, tell them you'd like to meet with one of the TWH surgeons, not a St. Mike's or Toronot East surgeon and that you're willing to wait longer for one of those appointments. Then, when you meet with the surgeon, hope for the best and book the earliest date. If it is later than you would prefer, speak to the office staff and make it abundantly clear that you are willing and able to take a cancellation in late December. That's really all you can do.
on 10/31/11 5:43 am - Stoney Creek, Canada
Hello Kathy, I too am were you are I dont know if you are going through St.Joes in Hamilton but I was told that I can expect a December surgery date. Which is great because thats what I wanted. I see the surgeon nexted week, if they dont cancel on me again cross my fingers :)   I wish you well with your upcoming surgery.
Eileen C.
on 10/31/11 9:49 am - Cornwall, Canada
RNY on 10/12/09 with
Hi Kathy

Good luck with your surgery date, just suggest that you would like to be on the cancelation list for the

surgery date and maybe you will have surgery in Dec, wouldn't be a bad date as you would have start
of new year with your surgery and that would be a great thing right??

Good luck again, you will do great

Take care

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