All part of the journey!

Tammy G.
on 1/2/12 10:54 pm - London, Canada
RNY on 01/25/12
 Putting things into perspective as tomorrow is the start of Optifast for a few of us on here!!  Just thought I would share.



on 1/2/12 11:00 pm - Canada
Love this!  Thanks for sharing, Tammy.
on 1/2/12 11:03 pm - Canada
Good luck to you all!!!

SW 291  GW 199.9 CW 180 Surgery: TWH Dr. Penner Dec 20 2011
Celebrating life and opportunities for new beginings!!!


Monica M.
on 1/2/12 11:05 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada
love it!!!! thank you so much. I am starting to be great, for sure!! i'll let you know when i'm there. lol
on 1/3/12 9:19 am - Wasaga Beach, Canada were great before...your outside now matches your inside. So what I'm saying is you are already there and always have been! This is totally meant as a compliment BTW!!!! xo

Monica M.
on 1/3/12 9:39 am - Penetanguishene, Canada
Awwwww. Denise! you're such a sweetheart. You're wonderful and amazing!
on 1/2/12 11:16 pm - Canada
YOU can do this.
on 1/2/12 11:16 pm
GReat attitude! that is half the battle! You will do just fine. I really liked it!
on 1/3/12 9:19 am - Wasaga Beach, Canada
Best of luck! With an attitude like will rock it!