NOT that I am complaining .... :)

Becky D.
on 2/5/12 9:32 pm - North Bay, Canada
Hi everyone - it's been a while, and I have been missing this site !!! So here I am ...
I have a question for you - I am about 6 months post op, and my immune system is just not behaving (not that it was doing well with viruses before surgery) ... I catch every little "bug" that passes my classroom at school - I am doing very well aside from this, but feel concerned when I continue to miss work here and there because I am getting ill !  
Feel free to tell me to get over it, that this all takes time etc - I am aware I may have unrealistic expectations - it has been a contradiction is alot of ways ... getting SO much healthier, while struggling with this irritation of flus, colds etc - am I missing something obvious, or do I need to be doing something more to build this aspect of myself back up ???

I welcome any thoughts - always appreciate your input!

Good to see you all - PEACE !
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on 2/5/12 9:36 pm - Canada
That's interesting because before surgery I would pick up every little bug and was sick a lot. Since bugs. No colds, no flus, no sore throats.

Can you take anything to strengthen your immune system...vitamins/Cold FX, etc....??
on 2/5/12 9:50 pm - Canada
My first few years teaching I caught every bug imaginable from the kiddies. After awhile I developed a strong immune system fought off every bug around. You need to give your body a chance to adjust. The classroom is definitely a hot house for germ breeding.
on 2/5/12 9:51 pm - Canada
As soon as winter started I started to take vitamine d and vitamine c and I have not yet got sick this winter. Try taking some vitamines eat healthy and get rest. Hope things improve for you soon
Joyce J.
on 2/5/12 10:10 pm - Scarborough, Canada
Hi there

Nice to see you posting
I am like Simona, after surgery I was probably the healthiest I have ever been until I had my knee replacement then my immune system sucked for about a year. So maybe different surgeries do different things
Make sure you take your vitamins.
Working in a school you will likely always be sick LOL, I know I was when I worked in day care

Take care

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on 2/6/12 1:24 am - Canada

Do you bite your nails? Both my hubby and daughter bite their nails and they catch
everything, out of every 10 colds they bring home, I am lucky if I catch one. Also become
OCD about washing your hands it really makes a difference.

However if you work at a school, good luck. Kids are like walking talking petrie dishes.

Good luck