on 4/9/12 6:59 am - Ontario, Canada
I recently started taking Fosamax for my Osteoporosis and it is HELL!!! I am 37 yrs old and have it really bad in my left hip as a result of a motor vechile accident and my surgery. My doctor is insisted on me trying this medication before exploring infusions as apparently they are not covered and will have to apply to OHIP for coverage.

I took my second pill today and my body is killing me. The first week I took it the pain started on the second day and got increasingly worse throughtout the week. Today I took it today and my body feels like it did on the third day. My other hip hurts, my neck hurts and I generally feel like crap.

I am going to go and see my doctor hopefully this week as I am thinking this can't be normal. Being at work feeling like this is awful and it is my late shift!!

Has anyone experienced pain and flu like symptons taking this medication before? I have had to take tylenol to deal with this awful pain....

on 4/9/12 7:54 am
Bone, muscle and joint pain are known side-effects of this drug. You may want to speak to a pharmacist about whether these side-effects are likely to subside and whether you should continue with the drug until you can see your doctor.
on 4/9/12 8:48 am - Ontario, Canada
My hope is to see my doctor this week. When I had taken the first dose I had seen him a couple of days later and told him. He thought that it might of just been me needing to adjust to it and that is why I was having those symptons but with this being worse I am not convinced. I did reseearch on it as well so at this point I am not prepared to take it again. The pain is bad and I am miserable. My poor clients are not liking me today that is for sure.....
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on 4/9/12 9:22 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
Kerry, my mom has Osteoporosis and has been on Actonel for some time now.  She said she had a headache the first time or two but nothing else.  Not sure if the drug you are on is anything like the one she takes but she has to take it on an empty stomach and it must be taken with water only and then wait 30 minutes before taking any other meds or vitamins or eating.  She has to make sure she sits up the whole 30 minutes as well.  Another thing her pharmacist had mentioned to her was that your calcium and vitamin D levels have to be in normal ranges for the pills to not make you extremely ill.  Might be worth finding out if your medication for it works in a similar way.
on 4/9/12 9:39 am - Ontario, Canada
Hi Tracey,

Everything your mom has to do when taking her medication is the same for me. My Vit D is low but my doctor thought the Fosamax would help. However, after reading up on it today that says the exact opposite. My B12 is low and I have been having injections for this and my iron is low and I am starting infusions for this as well so I am not sure why he put me on this. I am calling first thing in the morning and bringing the information I printed off to show him I should not be apparently on this medication. This is the frustration when doctors don't want to become more education on the surgeries and deficiencies....

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