9 month post-op VSG vlog

on 8/18/12 5:13 pm - Canada
Hi everyone. My latest vlog is up. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

on 8/18/12 5:49 pm
Hey Nadia, Congrats on your success to date.  You look great in your full body picture!

on 8/18/12 5:52 pm - Canada
Thank you, Judy!
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on 8/19/12 8:08 am - Canada
Wow...amazing results.  I don't know when my surgery date is, probably October.  The doc says it will be RNY and not VSG which I wanted.  How did you get your VSG approved in Canada?

Congratulations.  You must be very happy.
on 8/20/12 10:33 am - Canada
Thank you! I'm happy with the results so far but have another 80-90lbs more to lose. Still a long way to go.
Honestly, I think I was just lucky to get a surgeon who listened to me and had an open mind. My major "fight" was with the doctor at the assessment centre. He put up the road blocks.