Peterson Hernia

Jo-Anna B.
on 9/4/12 2:51 pm
Hello felloew OHer's,Hope everyone had a great labour day. Just wondering what info you can tell me about Peterson's Hernia. Your own experience. Thank You.
on 9/4/12 3:55 pm - Richmond Hill, Canada
RNY on 06/22/12
Here's an informative site, but I have no personal experience.


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on 9/4/12 3:58 pm - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
Jo-anna, you may want to cross post this on the main board and the RNY board.  I remember someone posting on the main board about it a year or so ago.
Monica M.
on 9/5/12 11:45 am - Penetanguishene, Canada,search_oh/

here's what i got when i searched on OH
on 9/5/12 1:12 pm - Belleville, Canada
RNY on 02/09/12
 So if I understand what I have read this is what they repaired for me at the end of July.  

My understanding from Doctor Reed is that there are 2 specific spaces that can open up after significant quick weight loss.  The bowel can slide in and out of these spaces if they are big enough.  This can cause irritation and pain.  It is dangerous because if the bowel slips in and twists the blood flow can be cut off to the bowel and it necrotizes.

Doctor Reed had closed one of the potential spaces during my initial surgery but the other was not accessable.  I think that means still to fatty.  Dr. Hotty (Foute-Nelong) closed it during my exploratory surgery as it was open significantly enough and was aggravated.  No bowel in it at the time.  they believe it had slipperd back out by the time I was in surgery.  I have not felt the same pain since.  So after 3 days of agony coming and going and not being able to stand straight, with no results on any tests CTScan or Ultrasound, all was fixed and rather quickly from what I understand once I was under.  

So what for me was an overnight stay to close a pesky space can become a weeks of recovery if not caught in time.

Oh and Doctor Reed told me if I have any new pain it will absolutely NOT be due to this same issue as all my little spaces are gone.  

Hope this helps.   

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