Good Bye Obesity, hello Overweight - not for long though!!

Tammy G.
on 11/25/12 6:33 am - London, Canada
RNY on 01/25/12

For my 10 month anniversary I get to lose the designation of being obese and be in the Overweight catergory....hopefully not for much longer though.  Not sure I will get to the Normal bmi range for my 1st year anniversary (my weight loss has slowed quite a bit in the last 2 months, but it will be shortly thereafter.........went to Wal-Mart yesterday to try on coat (trying not to invest too much money into my clothing at this point and all of the XL were too big and the Larges fit me perfectly.....with another 36lbs to go it is possible I may get into a Medium....which is just insane....never thought I would get down into an XL never mind a thankful for this surgery!!  So for those trying to figure it out I have lost a total of 116lbs since my surgery in January and a grand total of 162lbs since starting with TWH last August!!  For those just starting their journey, there is hope and you will get there.



on 11/25/12 6:45 am - London, Canada
RNY on 06/25/12

Awesome!! Good job!


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on 11/25/12 7:18 am - Meaford, Canada
RNY on 12/06/12

Congratulations!  What an inspiring post.  I hope to get there too :)


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on 11/25/12 7:40 am - London, Canada
RNY on 05/31/13

Congrats Tammy!







Laurie C.
on 11/25/12 7:47 am - Collingwood, ON, Canada

yaaaaaa Tammy!!  you go girl!!




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on 11/25/12 8:08 am - Midland, Canada

Amazing year you have had and thanks for sharing.  Great success and congratulations on your clothing (and everything else too)  victoriesangry









on 11/25/12 8:10 am - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
VSG on 01/08/13

Congrats Tammy!

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on 11/25/12 8:49 am - Canada

OMG i am so jealous!! but good for you!  i can only dream of being a medium at this point. i get excited when i fit into a 1x! lol

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on 11/25/12 8:56 am - Kingston, Canada
RNY on 05/25/12

Woot Woot!! Congrats!!

on 11/25/12 9:05 am - Canada

Congrats Tammy!  That's awesome!