Movin' along....quickly!!!

on 1/30/13 4:42 pm - Canada

I am scheduled for my surgery in April and am counting the days! Good luck to you.

on 1/31/13 3:56 am - Moose Factory, Canada

Thanks the weather just has to hold rain, no snow storms...the river is froze so that is set ...unless we have a major thaw...up here you never know what to expect!!


Orientation - Feb. 19 & 20/13 - NP,Nut, Psych, - Mar. 14/13 - Sleep Study - Mar. 24/13 - OTN with Dr. Sullivan - June 28/13  On my way!!! Preop Sept 25/13  -  SURGERY OCTOBER 22/13!!!!!!!!

It's not how you start this's how well you finish it...& I plan to finish it with gusto!!!!












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