2nd plastics done

on 2/10/13 12:21 am - St. Thomas, Canada

Got home yesterday from having my saddlebags taken off.  Took an hour and half as opposed to the 5 hours for LBL.  Took off 5 lbs and have 2 drains in.   Sent home with some good meds but the night was still bad.  Post after pics when I'm feeling better. 



on 2/10/13 1:19 am - Richmond Hill, Canada
RNY on 06/22/12

I heard thigh plastic surgery is very painful.  Would love to see pics in a couple of weeks !  Hang in there.


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Megan M.
on 2/10/13 2:27 am - Canada
Would love to see pics as well. Where did u have it done? Dr?

Had RNY surgery July 22/11, St. Joe's Hamilton, with the awesome Dr. Scott Gmora.  Had abdominoplasty August 2/13, Scarborough, with equally awesome Dr. Michael Kreidstein.

on 2/10/13 3:32 am - kitchener, Canada
Good for you Lori, get well soon
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on 2/10/13 4:11 am

Congratulations, Lori!

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Eileen C.
on 2/10/13 4:58 am - Cornwall, Canada
RNY on 10/12/09 with

Hi Lori

Welcome home

Sending healing vibes your way, hoping that the meds help with the pain   and warm hugs!!

Take care


            my angel is Lisa48                                        
on 2/10/13 7:06 am - Canada

Hope you heal fast and feel better sooner

 Respectfully Jane
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