Pre-op but WLS saved my life already

on 4/15/13 4:48 am - Canada
RNY on 07/23/13

So, I am pre-op. Reading the forum, many times I've seen posts about how someone was heading down the path of bad health and would probably see an early grave. Let me tell you my story so far.

I went to get an updated sleep study done as the last one was more than 3 years old. The doctor there was very pro-WLS and sent me for a stress test for my heart. Result? Inconclusive. I had a pulled muscle on my arm and couldn't put it over my head and therefore didn't fit in the machine properly. One cardioligist appt later, I get sent to have a cardiac CT scan done. Result? Inconclusive. They stressed me out so much because of the 2 departments fighting and one person jabbing me in the arm, my heart rate couldn't get down enough to take a good scan. This time, I am sent for an angiogram. At this time, my cardio is still saying, "you are probably okay but we need a definitive result to prove it". You see, I had NO symptoms. Result? One 99% blockage and one 86% blockage. Yikes! After busting into tears when I was told, I started to worry about my WLS surgery. What did this mean?

Turns out my surgery could be delayed 6 weeks. I had angioplasty last week and they put in 3 stents. Blood thinners after that and then I can have surgery. I'm now waiting to hear from my surgeon who still needs to discuss my results with the cardio.

My message? Get yourself checked out for your heart. You may be symptom free like I was but that does not mean that you are okay. This is major surgery and you would not want to have problems with your heart during or shortly after. Any other pre-ops wondering what tests to get? Get your heart tested.

I am doing really well now. Angio went thru my wrist instead of my leg so recovery has been very smooth. I feel the same except I feel a bit more alert. Whether that it all in my head or not, not sure. but I do feel very lucky that this has been taken care of. Very lucky.


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RNY on 05/21/13

I am so sorry to hear all this trauma you went through, but in the end the angio saved your life. Without it who knows when you may have needed some serious help, and honestly its a good thing you couldn't do the stress test, that could have put your heart way over.

Happy it all worked out, now on to the next stage of a new you enlightened


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RNY on 01/20/12

I am so happy they found this in time. This plus the weight loss will make you a new woman





on 4/15/13 6:57 am - Canada

That is a wonderful NSV

 Respectfully Jane
on 4/15/13 7:24 am

Thank-you for sharing , this is very important for people to know. I am so glad you are okay. Take Care Krista..

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on 4/15/13 8:05 am

Phew!  Caught in time.  If it hadn`t been.........would not have been pretty.



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RNY on 03/11/13

Wow, what a powerful message!

I am very glad they persisted in testing you.

Jenn.  :)

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on 4/15/13 10:25 am - Kingston, Canada
Such a great experience to post about, especially for people who become increasingly frustrated with the tests needed to get through the process. I know the heart testing was the one that I was very pro-active about, my average weight grandmother, at age 45, went into hospital to have a hysterectomy performed and never came out alive because she had a massive heart attack during surgery. My mother ( who is not overweight in any way what-so-ever ) had her first 2 heart attacks at age 56. Hopefully your post educates about the value of pre-op testing and so so glad they caught the blockages and you're on the mend!!

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Julia P.
on 4/15/13 10:57 am - Canada
RNY on 10/16/12

I am so glad that you had this checked out and fixed before your surgery!  This is a life-saving process in so many ways.   I can't wait until you get your date!

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Wow good thing you got checked, I wish I did but at age 40 you dont think you are going to have a heart attack, neither did anyone at emerg the night i went in, they all said I was too young must be heart burn, I kept telling them different, I was right!! So to make a long story short, I am now on tonnes of medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, I have sleep apnea and borderline diabetic and in desperate need of this surgery. It too will save my life.



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