Orientation on July 11 in Guelph

on 6/18/13 8:03 am

I just got my letter today....my orientation is July 11 at 4:00 pm in Guelph.  Who else is going?  I would like to meet some of you.  I am very happy to get my journey started .

on 6/18/13 11:37 am - Canada
VSG on 10/30/13

HI, I am not going to the orientation but I am pre-op in Guelph.  Your welcome to add to your friends if you like.  Congratulations on you letter...I know I was so excited to receive mine. Best of luck at the orientation, Sue


Referral Feb 2012, Orientation at Guelph Nov. 29/12, RN, SW and NUT Feb. 13/12, 2nd RN, SW and NUT April 26/13, Dr. Agarwal May 7/13, SW May 22/13. HW 334lbs, CW 269 lbs. Post-op nutrition course August 1/13, Dr. Jules Foute Nelong Sept 9/13, PATTS Oct 9/13, Opti Oct 16/13, Surgery Oct 30/13.

on 6/18/13 12:05 pm

Thanks I would love to add you as a friend but I only just signed up on here last week.....so not sure how yet.....can you add me?  You will be my first friend on here .    How far along are you and how long did it take to get that far.  I went to my doctor on April 15 to get my referral.  He had to sign up with the registry so a week later my info was sent.  I just got my letter today in the mail.    Thanks so much for being a friend.  

on 6/18/13 12:09 pm

ok I just tried to add you as a friend if it didn't work can you please add me to yours.  thanks

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on 6/19/13 11:28 am
  Nice to have another pre-op Guelphie on board!  Welcome!  
on 6/19/13 11:44 am - Kitchener, ON, Canada
RNY on 03/08/13

Welcome to a fellow Guelphite!  


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on 6/19/13 12:20 pm

Thanks ladies I have booked  that day off and asked my sister if she would like to go with me.   I have been thinking about this surgery for several years now, ever since a friend had hers done.....but she went to the states for hers.  At that time I was not ready to go for my own surgery  I was still to chicken......but since then I have known several others who have had WLS and they all look so good.......now that I had decided to go for it myself I am so ready to get this started.  I am so happy that I found this site everyone here is so friendly and helpful.

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