Orientation tomorrow in Guelph

on 7/9/13 10:00 pm

I was wondering if anyone else on here is going to the Guelph orientation meeting tomorrow at 4:00 pm? 

on 7/10/13 9:19 am - Canada

no not me but WOOHOO that is the start and it only rolls down hill from here!  congrats.

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on 7/10/13 11:09 am

Thanks Jewel I am getting pretty excited.  I know it's the start but it at least feels like things are moving now.   

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on 7/11/13 3:31 am
  Good for you, going in the right direction!  Ask tons of questions!  
on 7/12/13 4:29 am
Hello all!!! I have officially started my wls journey. I met gonna b thin last night in Guelph. A lil about me. I'm a young nana and have been overweight all my life got heavier with each child. 2010 was a horrible year for our family and I just gave up. I have terrible agonizing sciatic pain that doesn't allow me to stand for long never mind going for long walks. Today is the day that my life is goi g to change for ever. I have tremendous support from my family which is very important because my daughter and grandbaby live with us and I take care of him an run a daycare in my home. There will be many questions but ill try to read as many former questions and answers. Thank u for all the awesome support I will get.
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