on 8/21/13 3:49 am

I got my orientation date! 

Sep. 23 9:00 - 12:00

Anyone else going to this orientation?


on 8/21/13 4:26 am - Canada
RNY on 12/03/13


Proud of you for calling. Not that scary was it!!

The orientation is very casual. Did they email you the package you have to fill out? There is a section your doc has to fill out also. I called and booked an appointment with my family doc immediately so he could fill it out. Takes 10 mins max!! So I could take it with me. You only have a couple of days before you go to orientation. But that's ok. Your doctors office can fax it over to HRRH. No worries. That's what another friend of mine did and she is at HRRH also.

The dietitian did my orientation. Will be very frank with you about the risk and lifestyle changes. If you done alot of research most of what they say wont surprise you. I brought my best friend with me, who knew nothing. It was funny, she was ohhhhhing and awwwing elbowing me every 5 mins asking if I knew that. hahaha.

Good for you for calling !!!



 Referral May 17 '13 / Orientation June 17 '13 / Meeting w Dr Hagen June 26 '13 / RN,RD,SW July 31 '13 / Dr.Glazer Sept 3 '13/ Sleep Study Sept 5 '13 /2nd app w Dr Hagen Sept 16 '13 / F/U w  Dr Glazer  Sept 23 '13 / PRATTS Nov 14 '13/ Surgery Dec 3rd '13


on 8/21/13 5:31 am - Canada

congrats! it will move quickly once that is done, I just call for cancelations and I have probably been able to speed up the process by over a month it never hurts to try. Good luck!

on 8/21/13 7:07 am - Canada

Yippee, see how easy it is, just a call. Now after your orientation make a call again and ask for your dietician, SW and nurse appts, it's that easy once your referral has been received at Humber, then when that's done call your surgeon's office for an appt. ( once they know you have had your other appts they will book you)

You can do it! Congrats


on 8/21/13 9:36 am - Canada

WTG!!! I go Sept.30. 1:00 - 4:00....So excited!!!

Beemyne7   broken heart 

on 8/21/13 10:49 am

Congrats..broken heart...Krista..

Refered Jan 15/13..Surgery June 27/13 , Dr Hagan.


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