on 8/22/13 11:22 pm

So I was super excited a couple of days ago I got my orientation date.  I just received the package and after going thru it briefly I saw that they recommend you bring someone to all your appointments with you.  I always thought I'd just go by myself.  I don't think I have anyone I can bring   My husband, my mom, my BFF all have to work...  Now I'm feeling kind of sad about going by myself. 

Has anyone else just done this on their own?

on 8/22/13 11:35 pm - Ottawa, Canada

Yup.  I'm single and my family lives nine hours away be car. Could have brought a friend I suppose, but didn't feel the need. 










Jennifer S.
on 8/22/13 11:37 pm - Belleville, Canada

When I went to my orientation there were a few people that were there by themselves. I think they suggest it so that if you forget something that the person that you brought with you might remember it. I personally brought my mom with me. Good Luck you will do fine smiley

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on 8/23/13 12:05 am - Oakville, Canada
RNY on 11/19/13

I brought my husband to the orientation with me but the rest of the appointments I have done on my own.  Good thing because now he has started the process and I wouldn't want to go have to go with him to all of his appointments :)

I found that there was almost no information at the orientation that I didn't know since I had been doing tons of reading/research before hand.  It was nice that my husband was there, however, so he could ask questions or learn about the procedure/process from someone other than me. 

To be honest I don't think I would have benefited by having someone at all of the other appointments except to have someone to chat with on the drive and in the waiting room. 



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on 8/23/13 12:13 am

I went on my own, so did 2 others in the orientation I attended.


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on 8/23/13 12:14 am - Canada
RNY on 07/10/12

I went through everything alone. I had done so much reading online and on OH, the orientation provided no new info.  I went to each appointment alone and was alone in the hospital for the most part (Mom "surprised" me and arrived just before I went in for surgery and left once I was brought into recovery and Dad picked me up and drove me home). I've seen it about 50/50 for appointments but I was one of the few at the orientation alone. I live alone and due to some complications I would not have been able to get through the first couple of weeks without my parents. 


on 8/23/13 1:29 am - Canada
RNY on 08/30/13

I took my mother to orientation and my first appointment. My other half , now ex other half was not interested whatsoever in the process ... I did all the rest of my appointments on my own as it was just more convenient but have kept communication open with my parents and BFF so they are well in the loop as to what is going on.

A good support system is great, but you don't have to take someone.

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on 8/23/13 2:12 am - Kitchener, ON, Canada
RNY on 03/08/13

I took my husband to Orientation but all my other appointments were by myself. Didn't see a need to bring anyone. 


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Member Services
on 8/23/13 2:26 am - Irvine, CA

If you want, go it alone!  They recommend you have someone, as it's helpful to have that support. You can let them know you have support they are just not available to come with you during that time.  

on 8/23/13 2:50 am - Canada
RNY on 03/11/13

Don't worry about going to any appointments alone - I went to all mine alone.

Just take along a little notebook or some paper and a pen to write things down and jog your memory if you have questions you want to ask. 

TWH gave everyone a photocopy of each Power Point presentation slide, but I still made a few notes on them.  The presenter always has a few extra tips.

Good luck!

Jenn.  :)

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