3 days Post Op

on 8/24/13 10:13 pm - Canada

I think I'm doing ok. I'm walking and have no trouble with the water. Will try some protein today. Just a little FYI. In hospital they kept asking if I passed gas. Finally, so I could go home I said yes. Well, it wasn't true but....last night I finally did! It truly was the sweetest sound. Now I feel WAY better. That and the trouble with hesitant pee. I have overcome!

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on 8/24/13 11:19 pm - Toronto, Canada

Awesome! Take it easy darlin! I hope your protein goes down well!

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on 8/25/13 4:44 am - Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Congratulations to you and I'm sure you are glad to be home.  Rest and take it easy. xo


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