Living Alone Post Op arrangements

on 8/27/13 12:30 pm - Canada

I live alone and my family is all out of town.   I have arranged for my aunt to be with me thru surgery and 5 days after, and then a cousin to stay with me for the next week.  Other friends and family will be visiting and dropping in, but unfortunately, there will be a gap of 2days/3 nights when I may not be able to have a 24 hr buddy with me.  Of course depending on how things are going, is this going to be an issue?  Can anyone share experiences they've had about how quickly or slowly they recuperated post op?  How much help did you need and for how long?  When is it "safe", fingers crossed, to be on my own after surgery?

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on 8/27/13 12:40 pm

I lived with my daughter (17 years old at surgery time).  My other daughter (26) came and stayed with me for one week.  At the end of the week, I sent her back to her own place.  I was mobile, able to look after myself, preparing what I needed to eat, and could walk, rest, sip and toot.  I was also able to drive as I was not on narcotic pain meds.  I was able to get up and down from bed.



on 8/27/13 12:40 pm

My husband was home with me for the first full week after I was home plus 2 extra days.  Then I was on my own with 2 little girls for 3 days before he was home on the weekend (he works out of town).  Then after the weekend I was on my own till the weekend again.  The 3 days in the 2nd week after surgery were doable- I did not do much in way of keeping the house, but I could take care of me.  I hope this helps :)

on 8/27/13 12:47 pm - Ottawa, Canada

I didn't have close family near either. Stayed with an aunt/uncle after surgery for three days (could have stayed longer, but felt ready to go home). Had friends stop in regularly to help me with whatever I needed. A friend came to stay with me a week after I got to my own house. It was good to have someone do some heavier chore like a load or two of laundry, etc. otherwise, I was a-okay to be on my own a few days out of surgery. 

Of course, that was my experience. Others may have experienced a different recovery. I did have the back-up plan of staying longer with family. 










Tammy B.
on 8/27/13 11:19 pm - Canada

The only thing I didnt do the first week was drive....but I got rides to the grocery store or the mall for a short walk.  Luckily the dogs could stay outside an extra few minutes as its the summer (Im post op 6 weeks).  By the second week I was driving and filling the dishwasher (my nephew lives with me...but hes only home to eat and make a mess) and I just washed my small amount of dishes (cups from the magic bullet or blender).  Take your time and only do things when you feel a bit of energy (usually 45 minutes to an hour after a meal).  I drove to the grocery store the 2nd week to look for stuff to puree and soft food.  Good luck and trust how you feel.

on 8/27/13 11:51 pm - Canada
RNY on 08/30/13

I have surgery on Friday - my plan is to stay with the parents after surgery and then get home on my own as soon as possible, but will play it by ear. I love them dearly but get bored out of my tree if I am not doing my own thing at my own place. 

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on 8/28/13 12:18 am - Canada
RNY on 07/17/13

after my hospital stay it was about a week before I felt back to speed, but right out of the hospital I was moving around, taking care of myself and my needs...the house was a write off...but everyone survived. My second week I was back functioning at a fairly normal rate, just tired easily. I did not require any narcotics after my hospital stay...and I was started driving after a week as well. 

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