Vanilla Premier Shake - where??

on 10/12/13 9:51 pm - Cobourg, Canada

Ive been looking for the vanilla.  Ive tried Oshawa, Peterborough and Kingston.  Is there any in Whitby???

on 10/12/13 10:27 pm - Canada
VSG on 02/12/13

I think Costco is not selling them anymore I went to my local Coscto to get some and they didn't have them and heard others say the same thing.

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on 10/12/13 10:52 pm - Canada

London doesn't have any either.

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on 10/12/13 10:59 pm - Canada

SAMs club in the USA, has them still

 Respectfully Jane
on 10/13/13 12:13 am - Canada
Costco in Burlington only has Chocolate now.

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on 10/13/13 2:32 am - Canada

i've also been on the hunt for vanilla, guess I'll have to go to Sam's club.


on 10/13/13 6:38 am - Barrie, Canada
RNY on 05/21/13

Barrie doesn't have them either, I asked them to check and they no longer have them on their distribution list. They told me to fill out the comment card to request them. Ugh

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Tammy B.
on 10/15/13 4:56 am - Canada

I got the leanfit whey (dry) vanilla from costco and I dont mind it I mix it with water so there so extra calories.


Lorraine M.
on 10/17/13 3:28 pm - Canada

I went on and emailed them to complain there is no vanilla anywhere in toronto GTA. Their answer was that the vanilla is a rotational product and isnt scheduled bac****il late january. I told them that it is a favourite of many of my bariatric buddies and they should rotate out the chocolate and rotate in the vanilla sooner!

More people need to fill out those comment cards in the stores and email from their website to make a difference. I emailed premier protein directly and they never answered me. Great marketing eh? especially as they promote their product on this site in their banner ads all over.

email and complain to them and maybe our voices will be heard.


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