Tomorrow is THE big day!!

on 10/21/13 3:47 am - Moose Factory, Canada

Hi Folks:  Well I'm here in oldest daughter Joanne is with me and Jen is at home still losing weight at the speed of light..LOL!! tomorrow at this time I'll be all done surgery...I just wanna get out there and walk those halls me that will be my sign that life on the other side of unhealthy has started. I've already lost 28 lbs since the bras are all bigger on!! So those of you who are prayers please remember me in prayers over the next few days cause I'll need it. Thanks to all of your that have put your experiences here on the forum...I've learned so much from all of you!!


Orientation - Feb. 19 & 20/13 - NP,Nut, Psych, - Mar. 14/13 - Sleep Study - Mar. 24/13 - OTN with Dr. Sullivan - June 28/13  On my way!!! Preop Sept 25/13  -  SURGERY OCTOBER 22/13!!!!!!!!

It's not how you start this's how well you finish it...& I plan to finish it with gusto!!!!












on 10/21/13 4:05 am - Arnprior, Canada

May you have an easy surgery, and quick recovery!



on 10/21/13 4:37 am - Peterborough, Canada

Wishing you all the best and making room on the losers bench for you!


on 10/21/13 4:46 am - Canada

Good Luck!

on 10/21/13 5:25 am
wishing you lots of luck tomorrow.hope you have quick and speedy recovery.


on 10/21/13 5:35 am - Port Hope, Canada
RNY on 12/19/13

Best of luck to you.  Wishing you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


on 10/21/13 5:48 am
RNY on 12/05/13

Wishing you tons of luck and a painless recovery! You will do fine!!

Jo ~  HW:297 SW: 279.6  GW:160 ~ Don't trade what you want most, for what you want at this moment!!  Dr Amy Neville Dec 5, 2013         


on 10/21/13 6:18 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Good luck tomorrow and  I will keep you in my prayers. Hope you have a speedy recovery





on 10/21/13 7:39 am - Canada
Sending positive thoughts and wishing you a quick recovery !!
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