Music from downstairs.....maybe TMI

on 10/24/13 12:02 pm
I have crazy gas that i never had before.
Last night, in bed no less, i swear it went on for a full minute!
Doesnt matter what i eat, and it doesnt smell either.
Any of you had this experience? I am just 5 weeks out.
Laurie C.
on 10/24/13 10:02 pm - Collingwood, ON, Canada

sorry but gotta tell you it gets better, stomach bloats, can fart better than my husband now and a lot of times it's rank, no more sneakers and squeakers from me, gotta hide to fart now or walk really fast.




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on 10/25/13 12:03 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Yup gas is now a new problem. Food with sugar alcohols are the worst and create the smelliest gas for me. Werlcome to your new body





on 10/25/13 2:02 am - Orillia, Canada
Words of wisdom from a vet.........never trust a fart. Just saying.

I still have a lot of gas. Any type of fruit will cause my son to need a gas mask to be in the same room. I will say there are times you may get more than you bargained for. Probably TMI, but being honest. Lol.

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It's very sad
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