Yay! Got my Orientation Appt - Nov 27 TWH

on 10/26/13 8:03 am - Canada

I can't believe that I already have my orientation appointment!  My referral was in September, so I thought it would be months and months before I heard anything, but my orientation will be Wednesday, November 27th at TWH.

Hubby won't be able to make it, but my older daughter will come with me.  She is very skeptical about this surgery, but I am very excited!

Only problem is that I'm going to be starting a new job - hopefully they will be ok with me needing time off for the appointment!  Has anybody had issues with this?


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on 10/26/13 8:26 am - Canada
I started a new job this Summer and told my employer I was considering having the surgery. He didn't know alot about it but said he would think about how it will affect him and his patients. I knew going into this that i may not receive the support from my employer but i was okay with that.

Luckily for me he has accepted to hire a temp while I am away and will allow me to take the time off for the appts leading up to the surgery.

I gave him all the information I had and promised to keep him updated with dates as they are given to me. I know that i am blessed.

Not every employer will be as supportive but if it is medically necessary then it really doesn't matter, you can always find another job, but you will not have another chance at life.
on 10/26/13 8:31 am - Canada

You're right, I'm going to do it no matter what but I'm not sure when to bring it up.  I only got the offer yesterday!


Referral Sept/13, changed centres to HRRH - Orientation Mar 24/14.  Feb 5, 2015 - SURGERY!!!! HW 286.4 SW 264


on 10/26/13 8:39 am - Canada
You don't need to tell them right away, it takes months to go through the process. Tell them when you are comfortable and when they know how valuable you are as an employee, harder to let you go.

You really don't need to tell them exactly what surgery you are having, it all depends on what kind of work you do and your comfort level. I am not unionized and work for a solo practitioner so I do not have medical leave or sick days.
That is the reason why I laid it out on the table and my employer made the decision that best suited him. It will all work out!
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on 10/26/13 10:49 am
Don't forget to call for cancellations! I got referred in July and got orientation mid sept. I called and asked if they had any earlier dates and I was moved up to mid august, a whole month earlier. So definitely call for cancellations if you can
on 10/27/13 8:04 am

YAY!!!! How exciting for you!  the wait is SO hard.  But once those appointments really start rolling they come fast an furious!  As per my signature I'm moving along as well!


I am searching for a new job, and actually almost had one but it got rescinded (BOOO) but I will still potentially be starting a new job before my surgery.  I will not be saying anything to them.  I posted on here asking that question and it came down to about 75% / 25% split of in favour of not telling.  The reasoning is that right now you don't know.  You don't know your surgery date, etc.  However having said that, I do know dates of some appointments so I'm going to be upfront about them (not saying what they're for just that I have them).  Because you had a life before you started this job too!



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