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carolynne L.
on 11/11/13 3:26 pm - hamilton, Canada

Had  DS in 2007.can,t get rid of gas or smell, don,t want to leave the house.can,t walk up stairs ,or lift grandauter.,I have a large hernia that Dr blotched and is still there,Dr 's don't want to give antibotics so Im stuck. Heard about a product called FISHZOLE, Anyone know about it and more importatnly does it work?How do you get it? In a pet store?Live in Hamilton If you can help please contact.don't know how long I can keep canceling appointments cause of the gas. especally with Christmas coming on.I;m getting despreat

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on 11/11/13 8:10 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Have you tried beano? Available in drug stores





on 11/11/13 10:07 pm

Have you tried Gas-X strips?

Good luck, keep us posted!

carolynne L.
on 11/12/13 8:22 pm - hamilton, Canada

yes they don't work, i didn't eat till 4pm and had gas the whole day since i got up. took gasx,and several other prodicts nothing worked

Don't sweat the small stuff.    CAROLYNNE            
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on 11/11/13 10:34 pm - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

Have you tried changing what you eat?  I remember a few DS people mentioning that if they ate too high carb, they got bad gas.  It could be as simple and changing up your foods to see if it's that.  Not many of the DS people post here anymore so you might want to ask on the DS board as well.  I have seen people post about FISHZOLE and they do get it at a pet store but don't think it's available in Canada.  I'm not positive on that but I remember it being mentioned years ago on here.

on 11/13/13 12:02 am - Hamilton, Canada

I ordered Fish antibiotics for my dog from a veterinary pharmacy in Nevada I believe.  It was inexpensive and I had it shipped to a US mailbox place in Niagara Falls and drove down and picked it up.  

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