Glucometer for Opti Phase -- Did you get one? Did you get hypoglycemic?

on 11/10/13 12:33 pm
At my RN appointment the RN recommended that I get a glucometer for the Opti phase. It makes sense that the sudden elimination of sugar in the diet may cause hypoglycemia, even though I've never had problems with my blood sugar.

For those who have been on the Opti diet, did you get a glucometer? Did you become hypoglycemic at any point (either during Opti or post-surgery)?

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I was diabetic. My metformin was stopped soon after starting on Optifast. I'm two months post-op. no Metfomin and sugar is normal. I don't know about people who are not diabetic but my glucose levels definitely decreased during Optifast.

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RNY on 12/03/13
I got one. I'm not diabetic.
I have found my sugars in afternoon are 4.3, sometimes after I'm doing house work the go to 3.9. I'm very tired and feel like I can go to sleep immedicately.
I'm seeing my family doc tomorrow, gonna chat with him. See what he says. I am struggling with energy level and ability to concentrate


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Leslie W.
on 11/11/13 10:17 am - Cobourg, Canada

Unless you are diabetic I would not think you would have an issue. I have not heard of any non diabetic having sugar issues. 2 yr out I have had a couple of lows.

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