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on 11/27/13 3:12 am - Canada

I am starting my 2nd week on pureed foods - so far so good post op, no issues - and was wondering if anyone had issues with spicy prepared foods?  I pureed a can of Campbell's Chunky Chili, for a change, and was quite surprised as how spicy it tasted to me -  so I decided not to risk it.  I have read a lot of people's pureed food suggestions, and canned chili is quite a popular choice.  Any advice on which brands or how the new pouch tolerates a little heat?

Also, I have been prescribed 2 Prevacid FasTabs for the 6 months following surgery - any advice on how / when to take them?  Does the daily calcium interfere with the antacid tabs?  Should I avoid taking them within 2 hours of calcium too?

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on 11/27/13 3:22 am - North York, Canada

I only start purees tomorrow, so can't help with that. I take 1 prevacid first thing in the morning, daily. HTH.

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on 11/27/13 3:36 am - Arnprior, Canada

I don't know of any interactions with other vitamins.  I used to take on 75 mg tablet a day (pre-WLS, when I was pregnant) and they didn't say anything.  I'm sure you're on 2 just to get the higher dose (I was higher for a while to reduce acid as much as possible prior to a c-section).  I loved Prevacid when I was on it.  I could finally eat food to eat food, not to get rid of the acid.

As for spicy chili, you will have to try a bit and see.  I have problems with spicy food myself, but with being on Prevacid, you might be fine with it.  Each of us is different.  Because we were off certain things (spice, sugar, fat) for so long, our bodies aren't as tolerant to it, so we think it tastes stronger now and affects us more.

As for brands, I haven't tried them all.  My fav take out is Tim Horton's (I like it thick and with mushrooms) but some prefer Wendy's.

Good luck with pureed.



on 11/27/13 4:49 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Pre surgery I loved spicy foods. Now I can not tolerate them and that is 22 months out. Try a little and see. If you were put on prevacid because you had pre-op issues might not be a great choice. I usually just make my own chili so I can adjust the heat to me





on 11/27/13 6:41 am - Brampton, Canada
RNY on 11/15/13

I just started pureed foods yesterday and I had some Campbells soup that had sweet potato, lentils & chickpeas - Indian Style and its mildly spicy and I was fine. Before surgery I ate a lot of spicy food, East Indian, Thai, West Indian etc and was fine with it so not sure if my body/pouch is just used to it but I was fine.  I was also prescribed Prevacid Fast Tabs (one a day) for six months, I asked the doctor at the hospital why was I getting that as I have never, ever in my life had acid reflux and he said everyone after having this surgery has to take it for six months regardless if you had problems before surgery. So I take it in the morning and let it melt under my tongue and then take a swig of water to get the taste out of my mouth (I don't like the taste at all!!). So like the other poster said try a little bit, see how you feel and go from there.

Best of luck,


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