17 month out pounderings

Elisabeth G.
on 11/27/13 6:11 am - Windsor, Canada

Just a poundering I am at the clinics goal for me well a few pounds lighter bringing my bmi to 29.3. For the first time yesterday I looked in the mirror and "saw" me saw my new figure the curves and said wow this outfit makes me look pretty good. With my ongoing illness which on dec 19 should finally have the full diagnosis I have a new diet regim set inplace not typical for post op but each journy is our own I am on one day of full fluids one day of solids with chicken and fish as my protiens when I can handle them again a poached egg. I have to come to terms that this maybe my diet for life as my illness efects my intestines and I have to et as not to irritate them. I hope to get in my daily amount of protien but most days don't make it. It effects my energy level but I am learning to live with it. This is the new me, I probably had this illness all along it was just hidden by my weight. Seeing myself in the mirror and reflecting on my diet requirements and knowing despite only being on liquids for the last four months I have maintained my weight within 5 pounds either way. My original goal weight for myselff was 160 then I pushed it down to 150 I am now comfortably sitting at between 161-166 I am smaller then I was in high school yet I weigh more I am happier now with my looks fully clothed of course I am almost 17 months out and I am happy where I am will still try to get down to 150-155 in preparation for the eventual bounce back I still eat too fast and don't get enough fluids and will continue working on these things daily my journy is my own and I have come to terrms with that this is the new me and I like what i see



on 11/27/13 7:49 am - Canada
RNY on 12/10/13

Good Job.  It is important to accept the new you. :)

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Elisabeth G.
on 11/27/13 8:20 am - Windsor, Canada

Updated Picture



Caroline K.
on 11/27/13 9:26 pm

Congratulations, you look great!

on 11/27/13 9:35 pm - Kitchener, ON, Canada
RNY on 03/08/13

Great pic! Look beautiful.   You have had quite the journey and hopefully they will get on top of this  and you will regain your energy and equilibrium.  You have done very well however  despite your troubles.      Keep up the spirit!


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on 11/27/13 11:25 pm
VSG on 02/26/13

All I can say is WOW well done. Proud of you.

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