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Hi All,

Post op 9 months this week vertical sleeve gastrectomy. Started at 250 and am currently 180+ so 70 pds gone forever. Some people may think that's slow but I am aged 55 so weight loss apparently goes slower as we get older which I certainly found out pre surgery when I joined WW for like the 12 th time in my life. Anyway, advice please from those this far out. And I know there's lots cause AI read your posts.

I have noticed the past 2 weeks my diet cravings have changed. For 9 monthsI have lived on /loved/craved cottage cheese and yogurt and cheese with some chicken thrown in occasionally plus my few vegs and fruit but this past 2 weeks I suddenly have no wish for cottage cheese. In fact, I don't care for anything except shakes only because I know I need to keep up my protein amounts. I don't even crave sweets. What's happening? Have I just made my diet so boring my mind is finally saying enough already? I know what I need to do and get my protein in  without relying on shakes but why this total change in diet craving thinking? Anyone else going/went thru this??? PS I so appreciate all the posts...advice. So helpful.

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RNY on 12/10/13

Sorry I have no advice only the thought that your woman's change can bring out many changes if this is something you haven't been through yet but I just wanted to post and say -

Great work on being down 70 lbs down! that is a great place to be 9 months out.  Nice Job!

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Leslie W.
on 11/27/13 10:42 am - Cobourg, Canada

Changes in food cravings, likes/dislikes is normal. I used to love cottage cheese. Once I hit regular food can't stomach it now. Keep trying to find something else you like. I was hooked on shrimp for a long time.  At 2 yr out I still do shakes when my diet goes off track. Just follow the basics.

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RNY on 11/07/12

I used to really like cottage cheese before surgery too.  Now I can't even think about it without feeling queasy.  The liquid diet phase where I was stirring unflavoured protein powder into it cured me of ever liking it again, I think!

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