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I had my first sleep study in Feb and was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea.  I've been struggling with wearing my mask since then, going for months at a time without wearing it. I have a hand full of excuses, but ultimately, I haven't committed to getting myself well.  I have completed everything required of me, except my second sleep study which I've put off several times. 

I got a call from the nurse at Guelph this week.  If I don't have the second sleep study by February, I will be kicked out of the program.  Obviously I'm upset with myself, I feel I've let myself down. Who knows how long I've delayed my surgery by putting this off.  

I am having the second study this weekend.  Hopefully it goes smoothly and everything progresses from here.  Fingers crossed. 

For all you newbies, do what they tell you, when they tell you to do it!!  Good luck!

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Don't be too hard on yourself.  It took me months to get used to my CPAP.  The second sleep study is usually to make sure that your machine is at the right pressure.  I haven't done a sleep study in 4 years and just found out that I need another one as part of this process.  I don't think anybody enjoys a "sleep" (or non-sleep) study, but it's worth it.  This whole process is very intense.  We are all here on the forum to support you.


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I'm just glad I didn't have to wear the sleep mask as I have very mild apnea and for the size I was before surgery, I was happy to get away with that one. I was happy when my doc said I didn't need to go for the titration study or need the cpap and that the surgeon and anesthesiologist was comfortable to go ahead with surgery. Wish you all the best and although Guelph can be tough sometimes, they really are good at what they do and their after care is the best.

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Hi, Please find some way to use your cpap machine, chronic sleep apnea is very serious. Also the clinic will want a print out of your usage of the machine, it will tell them how many hours you used your machine, and how many episodes you have on average a night. They want proof that you are using your machine, if you can not provide that you may not get your surgery. 

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OK, I've got to be the one to did you injure yourself?!

mm (and the dog ate my homework) m

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When I went for my first sleep study I stopped breathing 72 times an hour, Thats more than once a minute. I certainly do not like having to wear a mask and depend on a machine to help me sleep and breath, but it is alot better than the alternative. I went almost 17 years without being tested, I was a walking zombie. It took me a while to get used to it but now I cant sleep with out it. I now sleep 6-8 hours a night and i feel great during the day. Please put an effort into this. I would hate to see you suffer.

on 11/28/13 3:05 am - oshawa, Canada
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