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on 11/27/13 10:39 am - Canada

Well, took my daughter to orientation with me.  She was very against all of this, but I asked her to keep an open mind, and she did.  What we both found so surprising is that it was obvious that many people haven't done any research about this surgery!  I did so much research before I even talked to my doctor regarding the referral!  Even then, he said  - "Ok, you go and do more research and I'll do research and then we'll meet again next week".  I found this Forum and read tons of posts, the good, the bad, the foamies, the trotskies, etc.  There wasn't anything talked about in this meeting that I hadn't already read about.

Someone asked how many people who were at the meeting would continue on, and the nurse practitioner said 70%.  I think this group would be more like 50%!  My next appointment is in February.  I wi**** was sooner, but then again, I think it's good that this process isn't too fast.

Thank you all for your posts and your support.



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on 11/27/13 10:47 am - Woodstock, Canada

Hi Pamela: I too did a year and a half of research regarding this surgery before I even went and talked to my doctor. I didn't realize how slow the  process was or I would have gotten it started sooner! My orientation isn't until April. What did your daughter think after she went to the orientation? Is she going to support you through this journey? Is there anything she is concerned about?
I haven't told my children yet. Just my husband, who will attend the orientation with me. I am headed to Hamilton. Where are you headed?


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on 11/28/13 4:03 am - Canada

She really changed her mind after hearing everything at the meeting and discussing it some more.  She would prefer for me to lose weight without the surgery - the old "I got myself into this mess, so I can get myself out of it" mentality.  I've been going by that mentality since I was 18..........guess what?  I've lost and gained and lost and gained and gained and gained and gained.  My husband is more worried about the after affects, but my daughter actually said that he should consider it!  So I guess the meeting really did change her mind.  My other daughter supports me, so I've got the family on board.  I have only told 2 close friends.  I just started a new job, so nobody here knows anything.  I don't plan on sharing with anybody else until I'm much further along in the process.  I'm not sure how my brothers will react.  I'm at Toronto Western.

One thing they made very clear is that if you smoke you need to quit!  You must be smoke free for 3 months before you go to your first appointment after the orientation.  They will even do random urine testing and if they find out you smoked (cigarettes, marijuana, cigars) you're out and you have to start at the beginning again.

I don't smoke, but feel bad for people who do.  It's tough enough to try to lose weight, now they have to stop smoking so they can lose weight!

I wish you all the best in your journey.


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on 11/27/13 3:01 pm
At my Orientation a few people walked out after less than 30 minutes. I think they showed up because they were sent by their doctors, not because they actually wanted to be there. They seemed to be very surprised by the information they were hearing, so it was obvious that they hadn't done any prior research. They probably thought what a lot of people seem to think -- that WLS is the "easy way out". Once that myth was dispelled they took for the hills. You really have to be ready and committed to take this on.

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on 11/27/13 7:01 pm
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I was surprised by how little people knew at the post-op nutrition class. Many did not even know about this board or the local support groups. The gentleman next to me passed his quiz to his wife and said you do it, you know more about this than I do (he was having the surgery).  It was disturbing to say the least. 

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on 11/27/13 7:07 pm - Cobourg, Canada

Same here Pam.  I took my son who was 14 and he was against the surgery as well.  When we left orientation he said he didn't want me to have the surgery and that we could lose weight together.  So, I told himn the next appt was in March lets try and lose some weight.  Well that never happened.  He went to all my apointments.  Ive had the surgery and down 61lbs since August.  My son is thrilled with the new me.  Glad we went through with it


on 11/28/13 7:51 am

I took my father with me and he is very anti-surgery, anti-doctor in general. I am so grateful he is supportive in this - he know that if I do not have it then it won't be long before I am unable to walk or die of a heart attack or in my sleep from sleep apnea. My whole family is very supportive and it helps a lot to know they agree.

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