oh my CRAMPS!!!

on 11/28/13 7:33 am - Kitchener, Canada
RNY on 10/24/13

That time of the month again. Although I did good on my first period after surgery, this month is a different story. Cramps, cramps and did I mention cramps. I've always had cramps as long as I can remember but now, since I can't take nsaids, the problems is multiplied ten folds. I took some Percocet this morning and they worked great for the pain but, I've been dizzy, nauseous all day and even vomited. Eventually I ended going to the Dr's and he gave me some dilaudid *sigh*. I hope it gets better as I've not been able to drink much today.

on 11/28/13 8:33 am

Oh my that sounds awful :(.  I hope that it doesn't last long.

on 11/28/13 12:16 pm - Kitchener, Canada
RNY on 10/24/13

It is awful, thankfully it only last for a day or two and my cycle is only three and a half days long.

on 11/28/13 10:39 am - Canada

Have they ruled out endometriosis? 


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on 11/28/13 12:19 pm - Kitchener, Canada
RNY on 10/24/13

I just recently had a CT scan when I had an ulcer a few weeks ago and they said I had an ovarian cyst. All the other times I've gone to the gyn, no one has ever said anything about endometriosis. I've had cramps from the first month I started my period. Hope to have a baby soon after reaching goal, heard that works, lol.

on 11/29/13 11:46 pm - Ontario, Canada

I have the same cramping every month and have endometriosis.  Very painful and not normal.  Having children did not help (sorry).  Even very close to a normal body weight my periods are still very heavy and the cramping is just as bad as ever.  I hope you get it worked out.


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on 11/28/13 11:31 pm - Canada

It wouldn't hurt to ask if they ruled it out.  It is NOT NORMAL to have debilitating cramps every month.  I suffered with endo for many years, and having a baby didn't help :(.


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on 11/29/13 12:20 am - Canada

Since you expressed that this is the first month since surgery that your TOM cramps are so bad and required major pain killers, I would still strongly suggest not to take this lightly. You could wait and see if next month is the same thing. However, I agree with Pamela.S. that this type of cramping would raise some red flags, especially if it continues to get worse. Being that I have also been down the road of ovarian cysts,  bad cramping, and other gyno issues..etc.. I recommend you follow up with your gyno as soon as you can. This type of cramping is not fun. I feel your pain :-(

Feel better soon.



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