on 11/29/13 5:43 am - Canada

Well, almost 3 weeks post op and I'm feeling great. A bit tired still but otherwise it's all good. next week I start to add all types of foods, so far the only thing that sat a bit heavy was salmon. I've had chicken and veggies (chunks) in homemade soup. I'm still drinking 2 protein shakes per day as well.

Yesterday I saw the dietician and nurse. My BP was 122/71 with NO medication, as well my resting heart rate was 64 - I'm thrilled to bits.

My only issue is my right knee, not able to take celebrex anymore and it has been pretty sore. I booked an appt with the orthopod to have a steroid injection. This should ride me through til my weight loss is significant enough for my knee to resolve.

Doing the happy dance to celebrate an amazing BP without neds!




on 11/29/13 6:43 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

That is awesome. I know for me coming off meds meant a lot





on 11/29/13 7:21 am, edited 11/29/13 7:21 am - Canada

Twenty one days, when I read posts like that it still amazes me,

my surgery was back in September and I still do two shakes per day,

I'm trying to get rest exercise and as much water in as possible

congratulation on your improved health....

 Respectfully Jane
on 11/29/13 7:41 am - Canada

Thanks Jane, I hear ya, it amazes me too......just short of three weeks to have such dramatic life changing changes is incredible.

Funny, I've stayed on the high side of the recommended 69-80 grams of protein since surgery, yet yesterday the dietician told me I need to increase it - she said the calculation for needs of protein is . 8 grams of protein / kg / day. i'm going to ramp mine up this week.

One other thing I misunderstood, I thought I was allowed one caffeine beverage per day, she said I should stick to total decaf for 3 months to decrease my risk for ulcers. I'm doing 1/2 caff for a few days then cutting it out

Cheers! Terri



on 11/29/13 7:22 am - North York, Canada

WTG! That's a great update! :)

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on 11/29/13 10:03 am - Canada

Glad things are going well!  I am trying to make some menus up prior to surgery .. any tips  weeks 2 and 3?  Can I puree eggs?  Like on xmas eve I will be 18days out  could i puree egg foo young?  its basically eggs and gravy and veggies

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on 11/29/13 11:44 am - Canada
RNY on 12/03/13

Hurray Terri! 

You are awesome!

So proud of you and your success. Gonna pick your mind over this journey!


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Katie M.
on 11/29/13 8:53 pm - Georgetown, Canada
RNY on 10/18/13

Good for you! It's amazing how quickly things change, especially where medication is concerned. Keep up the good work!!

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