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on 11/29/13 9:51 am - Canada

Having my surgery 1 week from today at HRRH.  Weeks 2 and 3 are pureed foods right?  (I have poor vision so it is much easier for me to post questions than to try to find someone to read the paperwork to me again)  What kind of foods can I puree?  Other than bread and pastas is anything off limits?  I don't want to hurt myself.

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on 11/29/13 10:33 am - North York, Canada

The first 2 weeks when you go home are full fluids. Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal, jello, etc. Week 3 starts purees.

You'll see the nutritionist in the hospital before you go home - make sure you ask her lots of questions!

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on 11/29/13 10:34 am - Canada

Hi Tammy,

If you are having surgery @ Humber you are on 2 weeks of full fluids

Foods included on full fluids are

protein drinks

high protein yogurt ( not with chunks)

cottage cheese

cream of wheat or other hot cooked cereals ( no red river, I asked)

cream soups

apple sauce




on 11/29/13 10:43 am - Canada

Hi again, This damn new forum is frustrating, it all turned grey!

OK, week 3 is pureed foods whi*****lude all of full fluid items plus:

pureed meat...chicken or turkey

extra lean ground beef ( I didn't try this)

pureed fish

pureed lentils,beand and other legumes

pureed tofu

poached eggs

pureed veggies

pureed fruits

soda crackers

melba toast

mashed potatoes / yams

My partner made me a big pot of soup whi*****luded a large can of tomatoes ( including the juice ) one package sauteed ground turkey with garlic and onions

4 carrots

lots of baby spinach

2 yams

1/4 cup of dry romano beans, same of black eyed peas

1/2 bag pink lentils

campbells low sodium chicken broth (2boxes)

spices...salt, pepper, cumin, tarragon

She made it in the pressure cooker ... Cooked for approx 1 hour, let it cool, then blend in food processor

I LOVED this soup, it was great for me and the pot lasted the week. A power pack of protein, fibre and everything else!

It turns out quite thick, you could water it down as you heat your servings, I didn't because I enjoyed it thick. You could also add buttermilk to individual servings if you want to change it up.

Hope this helps




on 11/29/13 1:18 pm - Canada

Thanks guys!  I am going to write all my questions down in a book and bring it with me.  I am going to try that soup as well Terri and thanks for the menu item list!

  Surgery Date: December 6 2013 Humber River Regional Hospital Dr. Sohi  


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