contact sports?

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Hey everyone,

so I'm a grand total of one week and a bit post op ( Nov 20th ), and I'm wondering what the timeframe is like to be able to get back into high impact, contact type sports? I know I will more than likely have to consult my surgeon but just curious if anyone has a rough idea??


thanks in advance for your answers!

on 11/29/13 6:50 pm

OK so I assume you arent talking about sex here? checking...


Likely 6 weeks....but yes you should check with your surgeons office and  follow their recommendations

I golfed at 6 weeks....and really shouldn't have....too much pulling on my abdomen......but luckily I didn't do any damage......

I would think serious contact sports might take a little longer


Good luck






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RNY on 12/05/13

That is a great question. I have my Brown Belt in Karate but had to quit two years ago because of my weight...

Thanks for the chuckle Birdiegirl!!

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no I'm not talking about sex hehe, I play basketball, flag football, floor hockey, etc,etc.. 

All can be quite competitive and rough. So I guess at least six weeks it is. 



on 11/30/13 9:09 pm - Canada
RNY on 12/10/13

That was one of the questions I asked my surgeon and he said 6 weeks - I asked about white water rafting and rugby .. he said should be fine after 6 weeks

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on 12/1/13 11:55 pm

i go for my 1 month post-op this week and i know exercise will be a topic on the agenda.  floor hockey is amazing, so is weight training.  i remember asking this question during orientation (re. ice hockey) and the woman said 1 month.  with the way i feel, i don't think 1 month would be enough.  i am going to think 2 months.  i will post a response after my appointment this week.

on 12/4/13 8:12 pm - Canada
Cool! Ill wait for your response to see what they told you. Thanks!
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