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on 11/30/13 5:32 am

Hi All,

Was wondering about the questionnaire. Are the trick questions that might prevent you from being approved ? For example, questions about depression and anxiety. I had them both about 10 years ago, don't have them any more, so how do I answer this and what are they really looking for ?


Diminishing Dawn
on 11/30/13 6:01 am - Windsor, Canada

Please do not think that they are working against you on this one.  They are looking to make sure that you are psychologically ready for surgery. There's A LOT of issues post op and in the recovery process and they want to make sure that you are going fully into surgery knowing what it entails and that you have the mental capacity to handle all the changes. They will steer you towards help if you need it.  They need to make sure that you have a support system in place and can develop other coping mechanisms to be a success story.  They are making sure that you are going into it with a right mind set.

Be honest. Tell them what you need.  This journey is HARD long term.  If you need the supports, reach out for them.  Most centres have lots of help for psychological issues and most of the time, people are afraid to ask for help.  The only way you will benefit and be a success long term is if you are ready to tackle your own personal issues and to make lots of changes.  there are lots of people who are not ready, have surgery and then have difficulty long term. Never be afraid to ask for support!


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on 11/30/13 6:05 am

HI Dawn,

thank you so much for the reply. Was becoming a nervous wreck on this paperwork :) Well, I wasn't sure if they are looking for the cases who need it the absolute most, with the limited funding and all

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on 11/30/13 8:14 am - Canada

I think honesty is always best.  I was really honest on my questionnaire and I have past issues with bulimia, depression, anxiety and a dysfunctional childhood.  This goes for all appointments too.  I was very honest with the social worker and now he recommends not only a follow up with himself but also an appointment with their psychologist.  This may delay me a couple of months in getting surgery but so what?  The important thing is to be 100% in the game and physically and mentally prepared for this life changing overhaul.  I so want to minimize the chances of ever ever ever coming even close to sliding down the slippery slope of my darkest days.





on 11/30/13 9:24 am

The psychologist appointment is a breeze. I had some issues about 10 years ago as well and I was honest about it. It pushed me back about 2 months but as long as you're honest they will see you're good to go. :)

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on 11/30/13 10:23 am

why did it push you back ?

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on 12/1/13 12:02 am - Canada

I am still pre-op, but I imagine it would push you back as it is more appointments you need to go thru before you are able to be cleared for surgery.  More appointments = longer wait until surgery date.

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on 11/30/13 9:28 am, edited 11/30/13 9:30 am

Hi, I currently suffer from acute depression, general anxiety and social anxiety. I have suffered from these for close to 15 years now. They were fine with it all as I am being treated by my doctor, they sent a letter to my doctor that he agrees to continue to treat me after my surgery and I have an excellent support team at home. I have cleared, so you have nothing to worry about. Keep smiling

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