Just wondering

on 11/28/13 2:01 am

I am just wondering how much weight did you have to take off before getting approved for surgery?  I am able to get a bit off but want to make sure that I have enough off.  Thanks for the input. 

on 11/28/13 2:32 am

none, as there was no requirement.

the only requirement was to do the opti diet for 3 weeks.

on 11/28/13 2:40 am

Is the opti diet the Optifast?  I hope that we don't have to lose too much because I have been having a bit of a hard time getting more than 5 pounds off.  I seem to go up and down same 5 pounds for a few weeks now.  I hope they will approve me when I see the RN,SW,RD.  next .    Thanks for replying to me.

on 11/28/13 2:37 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

It depends on the centre. TWH does not require this but other centres do. I think they just want you to show a willingness to comply





on 11/28/13 3:11 am

I was told this:

"We suggest that you try losing weight before surgery to help you heal better".

With my surgeon, it was suggested and not mandatory (I doubt that any surgeon mandates it) but I thought that it was logic for me to try and start the "lifestyle" change if I wanted to success beyond the "maintaining" part because I figured that it would be the hardest part in this journey (and I was right) so I changed everything and lost 100lbs on the dot before surgery date...lol

Have a great weekend!


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on 11/28/13 3:34 am

I have already been doing stuff for the change in lifestyle.  I have switched from regular to deca coffee, eating more protein and eating first before anything else, taking smaller portions, and chewing 25-30 times, getting enough water in although there are some days I need to drink more.  I have also switched to sweeteners from sugar but I think i will try to taper off of them as well because I know they are not great for you.  I already have in my mind that I will never eat certain foods again (even if I could tolerate them) but that is where I have to stop, I think well I won't ever be able to have that again after surgery so I should eat it now.  I have gotten much better with that thinking in the last several weeks.  I am ready for the surgery and all the changes.  I have a ton of information printed off I can refer back to if I need to.    Nathalie you have done great losing that much before surgery I am going to try changing a few things in my diet to see if it helps me get more weight off.  Thanks for replying

on 11/28/13 4:34 am

wow, that's wonderful, you are doing an amazing job!!!!  I have also banned certain foods, the ones that I was EXTREMELY addicted to, like chocolate bars, pasta, etc...that I will never even allow myself to take a bite...alot of people roll their eyes at me when I say that, and not even people in my circle, I'm talking about people that even lost weight or had this surgery and the only thing I tell them when I try to explain my reasoning is this:  If I was an alcoholic, could I be satisfied with one drink?  If I was a smoker, could I have full satisfaction with one puff...hell no, I would fall right back to being a full alcoholic or a smoker because to me, that's what an addiction is...you get sucked right back in...there's a reason why "some" go back to their original weight.  Ok, I'm just blabbing...lol..I'll shut up now!

Just in case you want some more tricks to work on, just in case...lol...you can start doing the "no drinking 30 minutes before AND after eating.


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Onward and

on 11/28/13 4:44 am, edited 11/28/13 4:44 am - Canada
RNY on 11/07/12

None at TWH - in fact, I gained some weight between orientation and surgery, although of course if you can lose some weight before surgery then that is the best thing to do.

But don't gain any weight if you're going through Guelph.  I've heard from people on OH that they even have threatening signs in their bariatric waiting areas warning patients that weight gain will not be tolerated, although I've never been there myself so I haven't seen it with my own eyes.  (I'd have been filing complaints if I had.)  It's so stupid.  If we could lose weight on our own, we wouldn't need surgery.

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on 11/28/13 5:14 am

I am going through Guelph, I don't remember the signs in the waiting room but I do know you have to try to lose weight.  I have not gained but I didn't lose much so I hope it's enough.  I just want to get to the next step.  Thanks for replying

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