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VSG on 02/03/14

I am going to have VSG in February 3 and I'm trying to lay out some sort of plan now for medications later. But I'm stumped with this one.

I take NSAIDs regularly for psoriatic arthritis. This type of arthritis will usually not get better with weight loss and my rheumatologist has me on the maximum dose to control my symptoms. We tried other medications prior to trying NSAIDs, but they did not work. NSAIDs are the only thing that can control my pain. Without them, I was walking in a cast because of the severe pain in my right heel and foot. I am crippled without them, and obviously that was a detriment to my regular exercise routine.

I know that with VSG, I will be able, at some point,  to take these NSAIDs again (in pill form), but for pre- and post-surgery I need to find an alternative. I cannot crush my pills because they have a protective coating on them to protect the stomach lining. So I have to find something else. Can anyone give me any tips or advice? If you are took NSAIDs regularly before surgery, what did you do to prepare for surgery and/or what did you do post-surgery for pain relief? Thanks for any help you can give!

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Mary A.
on 12/12/13 12:15 am

Make sure to discuss this fully with your bariatric surgeon... at almost 5 yrs post-op I only use Tylenol..but then again I don't have a debilitating condition that requires regular pain medication.

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