The Journey continues - another step taken

on 11/29/13 1:26 am - Kitchener, Canada

Hi everyone.

I took my next massive step in this wonderful WLS journey. I passed all of my appointments yesterday, with flying colors, with the nurse, dietician, and social worker. I also saw Dr Glazer who cleared me as well so I can talk to Dr. Hagen about a surgery date.

Dr. Glazer wants a sleep study done, so that is happening Dec 3, then a follow up appointment with Glazer Dec 10, then hopefully I will find out my surgery date when I see Dr. Hagen on Dec 16th. I know it's getting close because I was told to bring money to pay for my Optifast plan with, not sure if it's 2 or 3 weeks yet.

It was a whirl wind yesterday with information, questions, answers and I was very  emotional about it last night at home, my wife didn't really understand that and I couldn't really explain it but I just put it down to be over whelmed with everything that is happening right now, both to do with and beyond the WLS. 

I am told Dr. Hagen is booking surgeries for around the end of Feb right now and this is perfect for me as this is the slow time for the manufacturing business I work at.

I hope people don't mind me sharing but it is all getting really real now.

Take care all.



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on 11/29/13 3:20 am - Oshawa, Canada

Good luck with getting your surgery date ..I can only imagine it being emotional, but such a new start in life ...wishing you the very best....


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on 11/29/13 5:36 am - Canada

Hi Ken, Super news! I totally get the emotional feelings you are having. it's such an exciting yet scary time. Were you in the waiting room at 8 am? I was there with a uniform on. Dr Hagen was my surgeon also ( I'm almost 3 weeks post op) He is an incredibe man, from his surgical skills right to his kind compassionate personality.




on 12/1/13 11:29 pm - Kitchener, Canada

Hi Terri

My wife and I got to the office about 745, and was taken into the first appointment with the social worker about 810, I was there with my wife. I'm sorry I didn't notice you but I think I had my face buried in my paperwork making sure I was familiar with all they were going to ask me. Yes, Dr. Hagen is a nice man, and everyone else from the social worker to the nurse was great and made us feel very welcome.

Take care, and good luck in your journey.


HW 400, CW 295 Referral Spring 2013 - Info Session 9-30-13 - DW, SW, appts 11-28-13 PATTS 3-20-14 Surgery 4-15-14



on 12/2/13 9:54 am - Canada

Yep, it was you!



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