Week one of Opti.

on 11/29/13 8:45 am - Sutton West, Canada

Hi there

This is day 7 of 3 weeks of Opti for me.

So far it has been fine. The first 2 days were rough, but I'm much better now. I am craving carbs right now. So much, that I had a dream I was eating spaghetti last night. Yep. I am dreaming about food, lol. I am currently making and freezing meals for my family. I figure it will make things easier for when I am recovering. My husband isnt much of a cook :)

I had my PATTS appointment yesterday. So glad to have that done!! It was a long morning in a busy room at Humber.

2 more weeks until surgery.



on 11/29/13 9:15 am - Canada
VSG on 12/09/13

I'm glad it's going good :), I too have had dreams of food lol I'm at 3 weeks of 4 of the optifast but I found it really easy the two first weeks but starting the third has been really hard I'm craving more than ever and I'm soooo tired of the shakes lol what's really helping is putting cinnamon in them...


Good luck ...

on 11/29/13 9:33 am - Canada

keep up the great work!




on 11/29/13 9:55 am - Canada

I am starting my  last of 3 weeks on opti surgery is 1 week from today.  It does go by fast even though it seems its dragging on.  You will find yourself thinking about food and that freaked me out I thought to myself wow food has been way too important in my day to day life.  I also have a new found  proudness of myself for being able to do this it isn't easy but worth it... good luck!



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on 11/29/13 10:37 am

I'm on day 2 of 2 weeks and I am not finding that I'm hungry they really fill me up.  I am hungry from 3:30 till 4 p.m. so I have beef broth then.  I add things to the opti but it still tastes bad.  I am able to drink it though.  My eye is on the prize.


on 11/29/13 9:17 pm

Congrats!  You are getting closer to surgery.  This is a detox period from eating.  You will really appreciate the skills you learn through this process.



on 11/29/13 11:27 pm - Canada

I could have written this post! I'm on day 7, too. The first 2 days were awful...Headachey and starving. Now, though, I 'm fine. I feel great, not hungry, no headaches, no opti issues.  


Good luck with your surgery!

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