Liberte greek yogurt

on 12/1/13 3:33 am - Canada

I bought a 6 pack of fat free greek yogurt with fruit at bottom of cup  (blood orange!!!!) When I got home I realized that it's not sugar free. Can I eat it? Probably not... silly me.


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on 12/1/13 4:32 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada

You may be able to.  Not everyone dumps.  All yogurt has natural sugar in it so did you check the ingredient list to see if they added sugar or if the sugar is just from the dairy and the fruit.  If sugar is listed, how far down the list is it.  You may want to eat 1/2 cup at most to see how you react if there is added sugar.

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on 12/1/13 6:22 am

r u rny?  i wouldn't if you are.  you can try and get away with just eating the top, but the sugary stuff may still be mixed in a bit and you could get a bad reaction.


i don't know of any fruit on the bottom that is sugar free.

on 12/1/13 6:24 am

Probably best to exchange it for sugar free, although blood orange flavour sounds amazing :-)

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on 12/2/13 12:15 am

my hubby bought me liberte 0% vanilla flavour and i LOVED it, until i read the nuts and found out it had 19g of sugar per serving!

now i eat the plain liberte and it's got wayyyyy less sugar, i think 6g.

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