Costco- Kirkland rtd vanilla protein shakes

on 12/1/13 8:08 am - Brighton, Ontario, Canada
RNY on 12/11/09 with

Has anyone tried them? 

Just wondering what people thought of them.

I saw them at Ajax Costco today.


tia, jen

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on 12/1/13 8:17 am - Ajax, Canada
RNY on 04/29/13

Look at the stats carefully....I think they have more sugar and less protein that the Premier Protein ones.  Just need to be mindful of that in your planning.

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on 12/1/13 8:32 am - Canada

yes, I looked at them but the sugar is high and the protein is lower....never tasted them because I wouldn't chance the sugar. Also if I'm going to drink a protein shake ( which I do 2 per day premiere shakes) I want to know it's packing a punch!



on 12/2/13 12:25 am - Canada

I bought them and love them, a lot better than the chocolate but I am not a real chocolate fan to start off with. My kids say they can smell the french vanilla scent when they are opened


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