How Can I Maintain This Miraculous Weight???

on 12/2/13 3:50 am

My surgery was Nov 14, 2012 and I've lost a total of 116 lbs.  CW = 114.4.  Miraculous, unbelievable and surreal do not adequately describe how I feel.  I can't bear the thought of any re-gain.  I've spent a TON of money on news clothes - all size 0s and 2s, and extra smalls.  I love this feeling and would not be able to deal with the "normal regain" of 10 or 15% in the coming months/years.  My NUT says that the regain will happen, and I need to be prepared (mentally and emotionally). 

I'd love to hear from people who managed to lose a lot more than their original goal(s) and, most importantly, have kept all the weight off.  If this scenario (being able to sustain a lower weight than expected) is the exception rather than the norm, I want to be the exception.  I do not currently exercise with any regularity, and I know that I MUST do so. 

I'm obsessed with the number on the scale, and my food intake.  I move between 113.8 - 116 and I freak out if I go over that.  I have to be vigilant because I know what an awful self-sabateur I can be.  I feel like this dream could all go south quickly if I return to my bad habits.  Many of my old cravings are back, and although I'm generally eating very healthy, I do indulge in things that I should not - cookies, chocolate, etc.

BTW... my NUT told me today that I really only want to aim for 60-70 g of protein/day.  I've been aiming for 80-100 g, thinking that it would be good for my body and health, but apparently that's not the case.  I strive for approx. 1,500-1,700 calories/day to maintain this weight and am generally eating very healthy and balanced meals and snacks, but sometimes go over that, with my poor and indulgent food choices.  It scares me how I can quite of lot of some foods (the bad ones like ice cream, crackers, cookies, chocolate, etc.) and not have my pouch rebel.  That really worries me.



Hanneli xoxo
on 12/2/13 4:03 am - Sudbury, Canada
RNY on 10/30/12

I myself have reached beyond my goal of 50% loss (as noted in my newly updated signature graphic) I don't obsess over the scale and even my food intake! Also in an XS now... kinda crazy.. I love it. I am not too afraid of regain.. I just weigh myself often and keep an eye on it.. Also on the same page about the indulgences. I can indulge in treats and my tummy does not rebel either. I just thank my lucky stars I have learned will power, self control and new habits! My main goal at this point is to not become too complacent. Good luck on this part of your journey. 

on 12/2/13 4:49 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

I totally get what you are saying. I also live in fear of re-gain. I have read a lot of what the vets have written. It seems that about 18 mths to 2 year mark is when the malabsorbsion we have been enjoying stops. That is why the first year is so important to get to goal. I think the real works happens then. It is about dealing with cravings and life choices and stress. Like you I watch the scale. If I am up and know it is because of bad choices I adjust my menu to make sure I lose it. For me the winter will be the hardest. I do not deal well with the dark and cold.

I think whether we gain or not is not a magic formula just vigilance. It is up to everyone to decide for themselves how they want to proceed.





on 12/4/13 12:24 am - Canada
RNY on 11/20/12

Good Morning,

Can you explain mal-absorption to me after the 2 year mark.  When I spoke with the dietitian at my last appt. she said we have mal-absorption for the rest of our lives as that is the part of the small intestine that was cut away or not being used.  But I hear differently.  Can you explain why the dietitian says we have it for the rest of our lives and if it does stop why do we have to stay on vitamins and minerals for the rest of our lives?  I have found this part most confusing.  Thanking you in advance.


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on 12/4/13 12:36 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

Mal absorbsion of vitamins continues. This is why we need to take vitamins. For some reason malabsorbsion of calories stops between 18-24 months. I found this post which seems to explain it pretty good. s-on-long-term-RNY-malabsorption-of-calories/





on 12/2/13 5:22 am

Thanks to both of your for your replies!

PatM - I hear you about the cold and dark, and totally sympathize!!!  I hate this time of year....arghhhhh

on 12/2/13 12:09 pm - Canada

4 years out and regain does happen. I gained 10 pounds back and I have tried for over a year to lose 5 pounds and I have not lost one pound. i am at the same weight as last year and my measurements are the same.  You want to know how to keep yourself from gaining weight back stay away from the chocolate and cookies and stuff. I have not touched anything like that unless it is sugar free. Than yes I will have some. I can make a box of cookies last a year and well my sugar free chocolate is in the freezer from last Christmas still. I know eating the wrong food got me to be heavy and so I just made my mind up if I got this operation than I was going to make sure I made the life changes and I exercise almost everyday. You will have to work at it. It will be up to you on how much you gain back. If you eat the junk food than you will. One cookie leads to many more.

on 12/2/13 10:04 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

I can not even have the low sugar or sugar free cookies. They are such a trigger food for me. I bought the new melba crackers. I ate the box wothin a couple of days. They will not be coming back into the house again. I have always been a big cookie monster





on 12/3/13 3:41 am - Canada

My monster food was fries. I just loved them. My stomach can not handle anything that is deep fried so it helps me to stay away from them.  I had one french fry once and i thought I was going to be sick. It has been 4 years since i have eaten them and I know I will never have them again. I am Ok with it.  Cookies don't bother me. In fact I just found a package of cookies and  I do not remember when I had bought Them. They are sugar free.  The one thing that I really miss is gravy but again my stomach does not like it. Wish I could figure out why. I do miss it so much


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