It's back to work I go!

on 12/2/13 7:34 pm - Canada


Im excited to go back but a little scared. I do not live too far from my work so it's nice to get in some extra cardio walking too and from work again, but I feel apprehensive for some reason. 

Did anyone else feel this, or am I just losing it? Lol


Katie H.

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on 12/2/13 8:41 pm
RNY on 12/05/13

I haven't had surgery yet but I can certainly understand why you'd feel that way. You've gotten yourself into a comfortable routine at home (healing and learning to be good to your new tummy). Stepping out of that comfort zone would be uncomfortable.

I am sure you will be absolutely great - you will have no troubles!

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on 12/2/13 8:59 pm - elliot lake, Canada
I start back next.week, but i got a phone call from my work yesterday asking me to interview for an upper manegement position tht i didnt even kno was available (so obviously i didnt apply) much better pay and way better hours!!! Hope i get it! Good luck at work!!


on 12/2/13 9:10 pm - Canada

Good luck on the new position!

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on 12/2/13 9:01 pm - Canada

I found it became much easier because my schedule was set, I made sure I had options at work and my water bottle.  I was most worried about being to tired but I took it easy and got to bed at a good time, to ensure I would be well rested.  Good luck today

 Respectfully Jane
on 12/2/13 10:06 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 01/20/12

I think it is the anxiety of not knowing how you will fit your new lifestyle into your old life. I had to program my computer to remind me to have my morning snack or would work right through it. Good luck. The first week can be pretty tiring.





on 12/2/13 11:08 pm, edited 12/2/13 11:09 pm - Canada
RNY on 07/17/13

I totally had anxiety about going back. I am a PSW and breaks aren't always something achievable. I thought for sure I would get dehydrated, eat something I wasn't about to tolerate and throw up everywhere.  And to my delight...NONE of this has happened. Mind you i play it safe and bring things to work I know will not make me sick..that I can eat fairly quickly (within my  break time)and move on. Good luck!

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