Frustrated - Still Waiting on First Appointment

on 12/1/13 11:16 am - Canada

I went for the information session at St. Joseph's in Hamilton in July.  Was told I would be notified of my first appointment within 1 - 2 months.  It's now been over 4 months and still no word.  I've left voicemails asking for an update, the message states a return call within 48 hours, I left my last message over a month ago, left another one today.

Are there any other ways of finding out what the status is?

on 12/1/13 9:04 pm - Kingston, Canada
RNY on 11/20/13

Are you calling the clinic directly or are you calling the bariatric network??

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on 12/1/13 9:05 pm - oshawa, Canada

at humber hospital I all ready had my information session and my referral was sent oct



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on 12/1/13 10:18 pm - Ancaster, Canada

Hi!  My surgery was through Hamilton and they are slow (my surgery was in October).  From orientation to the first appointment was a 6 month wait.  I was informed of my first appointment through a letter in the mail so make sure that they have your mailing address correct.  Your best bet would be to call the clinic and keep calling until you actually get a person.  Good luck!!


on 12/1/13 10:22 pm - oshawa, Canada

I would call them and ask 



referral Oct 2013,orientation Nov 25 2013, 1st  surgeon Dr Huyan  appt dec 10 2013, had blood work today dietitian Mar 10 8am ,social worker march 10 9 am,Nurse Clinican 10 am

on 12/2/13 1:13 am - Canada

I have been calling the clinic not the Bariatric network.  Will just keep calling I guess... what disappointing service!

on 12/2/13 10:01 am

I agree with htownmom. I received my info through the mail too. Every clinic is different and handle their appointment times differently. I found that the slowest part was the initial orientation. Once the appointments started, I was kept busy with them and other tests. 

Hang in'll happen. 


on 12/2/13 11:38 am

I also had my orientation at the end of July. Today I received my letter indicating that my first appointments (dietician and social work) are schedule for May 16th. I too have called and left numerous messages, but last week I actually got through (right after the lunch hour)  she gave me the dates. I was quite surprised as we were told that the process would take about a year, when in fact it looks like it will take longer.


She did mention that they might be moving people up the list as some openings were going to be coming, but she said I would be called if that were to happen.


i guess we just need to wait and be patient. Check your mailbox, hopefully you will get your letter soon.  PS. I live in London. 


Good luck. Let me know when you get your appointments. I am curious about others going through Hamilton.



on 12/2/13 11:52 am - Canada

Thanks for the information Teresa, sounds like Hamilton is having a hard time dealing with how many people are coming through there.


Will keep on calling.



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